Razer Phone 2 gets a $300 discount in the US

06 March 2019
You need to get a Cricket card and a refill for it.

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Here in India,
No price cuts
They never launched this one

And here in Slovakia still cost 599 and 799 euros depends on shop you buy in.
499 dollars would be like a steal.


Even on Best buy it's available for $499 without activation.

  • Stan

Its also $300 off on Razer's site - straight up $499

Wow 490 dollars which is like 400 euros and here in Slovakia 2 companies have it for sale one for 598 euros and the other one for 776 euros.
For me it would be instant buy for that price here in Slovakia.

Lool soon they will give it for free.... Wonder what would be the future of Razer Phone2 if it was released with Lapdock aka Project Linda.....