OnePlus 7 listed on a retailer's website with an image and full specs

08 March 2019
It is powered by Snapdragon 855 SoC with up to 12 GB RAM.

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  • azer

I wonder if it will support dual frequency GPS and Galileo for more accurate positioning in urban areas. I could not find any information about it but am of the opinion it is needed.

  • Nitin

Anonymous, 08 Mar 2019If they made a 5" version of this (or smaller), I'd be all over ... moreTotally agree with u ...

Dorsefrith, 08 Mar 2019As I told you for me s8+ is much better in terms of watching any... moreYes, and I tried to explain to you that a S10+ is as good for you.

Your gripe was with the annoying corner notch/camera-cutout.
But when watching a 16:9 video, it is letterboxed, so you don't see it.
And when playing some new games, they're not optimised for 18.5:9 or even 19:9 aspect ratio, but they revert to 18:9 aspect ratio (eg Fortnite). And at the 18:9 aspect ratio, the right side is flush with the bottom but the top part is letterboxed, so you don't see the notch/camera-cutout.

So for you, nothing is really changing. Where you're missing out is on the Web Browser, Launcher, and some Social Media Apps. However, do not forget about the aspect ratio.

I feel like in 2020 is when Samsung will change the aspect ratio once more to 21:9, and make both the bottom and top flush. And they will relocate the Selfie Camera underneath the OLED display. So now we have these aspect ratios.... 12:9, 16:9, 18:9, 18.5:9, 19:9, 21:9. I feel that, no hope that, the 21:9 will be our last tamper with the aspect ratios, otherwise we are going to get that Lightsaber Phone people have been joking about.

  • Mick

S9 vs Mix 3, 08 Mar 2019In most today phones, even the cheper ones.. You can have clean ... moreThis statement is totally wrong. Project Treble is not working as expected by Google - check Android 9.0 distribution 6 months after release. OnePlus is only brand with custom OS which brings very fast Android updates. Other companies like Huawei, Samsung, Xiaomi are much slower. Only difference are Google Pixels (...but they are much more expensive + ugly) and phones with Android One (mostly very cheap low spec, except Nokia) and Nokia is still one step behind competitors imho.

With a price up to 600 it will be awesome phone.

  • Tech

it will be interesting to see if the OnePlus7 supports dual-band GPS and dual-band Galileo for a significantly higher accuracy especially in urban areas.
The durability of the battery should not be sacrificed for an always faster charging.

  • the Goch

I don't feel well to buy the OnePlus 7 because of its pop-up selfie camera...
But in any way, u could expect it ahead before that they would do it...
OP is more and more changes in looks from OP 5 to 6t if they don't do this-this will look like the OP 6t...
2nd Yes vivo oppo are using this pop-up a lot so u can smell OP will also do something like this...
But even though OP could do the slider more than this but...
They didn't cuz slider will make their slim phones really thicker!
If it didn't it was slider all way.
No punchole cuz samsung is the only mf that can do it on a amoled screen!

  • Anonymous

why is OnePlus still adding totally useless and overkill 12gb ram? no waterproofing in 2019? no dual speakers?

hell no

  • Alien

Anonymous, 08 Mar 2019S10+ Cost double the OnePlus!!! You guys for real?? Hole in di... moreSo what if it's almost double?
You can get up to 1TB of internal storage + buy a 400GB SD card from SanDisk =1.4TB! Plus all those hardware features you can't with OP.

Also, everything new is expensive when it first arrives. Just wait a few months like everyone else and the price will drop. Especially after the Note 10.
There's also buybacks available in Samsung stores. I plan on upgrading my S8+ this way.
But if you're a show-off and you really need it in the first week of launch, then you have to pay for it! That's how things work..

Again: why want the replica when I can get the original which is better in almost every way?

  • Anonymous

MrKnowItAll, 08 Mar 2019Hmmm idk how i feel about OnePlus going the motorized selfie cam... morelol starting to show? If you had been paying attention every phone from the OP1 has the exact same design as an OPPO released a couple of months earlier. This is nothing new.

  • Mukta

I was waiting for Oneplus 7 but pop-up camera help to decide me not to buy it.

  • We

Is the alert slider gone?? :((

  • Anonymous

this is oppo f11 pro (by the speaker grill and buttons) with oneplus wallpaper

I have a 6T and previously i had a 6 which i gave to my wife.
Except for battery life, 6T felt like a downgrade, missing the jack and the much faster/reliable hardware fingerprint sensor.
Now, the pop-up camera it's one of the most stupid iteration. Using face unlock will take a longer time, no matter what and will be the main source of failure for the camera mechanism (you unlock your phone several dozen times/day). That, corroborate with in display fingertip sensor will result in longer unlocking times/frustration.
What about privacy? Do you want to take a not so obvious selfie? Good luck with that, your erecting camera will notify anyone about your action.
Bleah, I'm glad that I have the 6T.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Mar 2019Its the same thing !!!!!!!!Super AMOLED has a layer that reduces light refraction which allows higher readability in direct sun.

I have Super AMOLED Xiaomi Mi 8
I have AMOLED OnePlus 6T

Barely read the OnePlus in the sun, Xiaomi, perfect in full sun.

Samsung specifically set out to improve AMOLED readability in full sun, Super AMOLED was the resulting display tech

  • Anonymous

If they made a 5" version of this (or smaller), I'd be all over this, but 6.5" is way too big.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Mar 2019Why they keep using “AMOLED” displays, can’t see anything in ... moreIts the same thing !!!!!!!!

Hmmm idk how i feel about OnePlus going the motorized selfie cam way. Oh wait i do. Not good at all! That's the one 'innovation' nobody demanded from OP. The Oppo/Vivo influence is starting to show

  • S9 vs Mix 3

Nesta, 08 Mar 2019You do know One Plus comes with Oxygen OS right? its probably th... moreIn most today phones, even the cheper ones.. You can have clean Andeoid experience [Pixel experience] in 5 min.. Thank to Treble ;)