vivo X27 teaser videos surface online

09 March 2019
It is shaping up as an upgraded version of the vivo V15 Pro, with a big emphasis on looks and high style.

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  • AnonD-819322

Love the Community, 09 Mar 2019Super AMOLED is outdated. They should be requesting supplie... moreIf sAMOLED is outdated, so is IPS LCD. That's your opinion though.

  • hmm

The girl in the picture looks ill and should be in hospital!

  • Kick

lady in the thumbnail is holding that phone like she's about to henshin

  • Love the Community

Super AMOLED is outdated. They should be requesting supplies of Dynamic AMOLED! I hope this premium midrange would use USB-C. It's like they overblow their budget on making it look prettier and stronger but ran out of money for a USB-C.

  • Anonymous

Only X27 Pro has NFC ...

I wonder why oppo and vivo have against usb c and nfc ... they barely use