Saying goodbye to 2011 and wishing you a Happy New Year

31 December, 2011
As 2011 is making way to 2012, we take the opportunity to go through the stuff we've been through together.

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  • AnonD-2001

Happy new year!!!

  • The Boy with Red Hat

Happy New Year!!!!!

Continue with the good Job :D and all the buddies on GSMArena (and heaters too) :D

God bless to all!!!!

  • AnonD-19267

Wishing happy and succesfull new year to GSM arena and all its readers... Thanks for keepin Us updated with latest hightech gadgets of mobile world!

  • BEBOshow

Happy New Year GSMarena , I Hope 2012 Will Be The Best Year For You :-)

  • Phoenix

Happy new year GSMArena! You are the best!!! And other readers will agree with me when I say that we will stick around and never ever leave you as long as you keep up the good work.
Happy 2012 :-)

  • natsu

happy new news about stable ICS here?? its releaseex for a while.

  • AnonD-14462

one glass water,
one glass beer,
oh my dear,
"happy new year" :-)

  • Dani

Anonymous, 01 Jan 2012happy new year everyone, lets thank god for another year that we... morehappy new year to gsmarena and everyone . have a good good year .

happy new year GSMArena and everyone else,2011 was a good year and 2012 has more great stuff for us all.Thank God i made it into 2012.

GSMArena can you please start making game reviews for cellphones,that will be nice,thanks in advance.

Posted from my N9,the best phone ever

  • vichu

happy new year

  • ss.xpss

Happy New Year to the great Geeks at

  • Coolguy

Happy New Year from Lithuania!

  • AnonD-34352

happy new year gsmarena and all :)
and thanx for your awesome reviews :D

  • 2012

Happy new year gsmarena..gud luck to you all

  • Dan

Thanks for everything an keep up the good work

  • Alex

Happy New Year, GSMArena :D!

  • AnonD-31885

happy new year >>>>> happy new year gsmarena i love gsmarena

  • AnonD-36322

Happy New 2012 GSM Arena & to all the reders outthere. Keep up the good work !

  • koko

we love you gsmarena! Happy new year..more gadget reviews this year 2012..frm the Philippines

  • czar

Happy New Year GSMArena team! It's already January 1's morning here in the Philippines :)

God bless 2012!