Samsung US website reveals new Galaxy A90

12 March 2019
The upcoming phone is listed alongside S10 family as an ultimate gaming device.

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The last Oracle, 12 Mar 2019One Plus sales aren't even in the same ballpark. The only c... moreTrue, though I find it ridiculous that Trump would keep Huawei and ZTE out because he wants Apple dominance. I think this really is them being scared that China will have a way in

    mikey, 13 Mar 2019stereo or mono THAT is the question!Probably mono

      Big phone guy, 12 Mar 2019Any idea how big the display will be on A90?6.41"

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        • Luxor
        • 70g
        • 13 Mar 2019

        Sir ADB, 12 Mar 2019Pop up camera.... S10 should have been a pop up and camera ... moreS10 want to keep the IP68. This A90 won't be water resistant.

          Anonymous, 13 Mar 2019Nah S10e costs $749. A90 will be below that. Your hyperbole... moreThat's just his way of coping with his hyperbole-worthy hatred towards Samsung... and Apple and Sony - basically any brand that doesn't put a ~$400 price tag for an SD855. *shrugs* Gamerz amirite? You'll get used to it

            Shame on you GSMArena for not mentioning the Samsung T-820 rotating camera from 2005
            This phone was awesome. Sadly the ocean took mine.

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              • mikey
              • P@a
              • 13 Mar 2019

              stereo or mono THAT is the question!

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                • Maria
                • Kiv
                • 13 Mar 2019

                No matter what is launched, Samsung must be boo-ed by everyone because of its price. I hope that it is not judged as a bad phone just because of its price.

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                  • XNk
                  • 13 Mar 2019

                  AnonD-731363, 12 Mar 2019Ultimate gaming phone??? Any phone with SD855 can be ultim... moreNah S10e costs $749. A90 will be below that. Your hyperboles are becoming hackneyed.

                    Nice to see Sammy learn from the Chinese.

                      Infinity pop ;-)

                        wow! pop up camera ... such innovation !!

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                          • houdini
                          • K5g
                          • 13 Mar 2019

                          Samsung is experimenting ideas on how buyers will react to some different implementation of front cameras. can't you see. they almost have all the type of it( notches, pop-up and punch hole)

                            Pop up camera makes the phone screen look a lot better than the Holes in the screen,and when you watching a video or a film it will be better to watch,can see the A90 being very successful

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                              • Big phone guy
                              • SnD
                              • 12 Mar 2019

                              Any idea how big the display will be on A90?

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                                • a0s
                                • 12 Mar 2019

                                Anonymous, 12 Mar 2019So their flagships has a hole on display while midrange hav... moreIt is better for the mid-range devices to have a pop-up camera as it is not that good for a high-end phone, and make the high-end phobes with drop notches or with punch holes.

                                  It’s weird that this appeared on US website because this will probably first get release in china then after a couple of month it will get released globally

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                                    • ermis
                                    • nQI
                                    • 12 Mar 2019

                                    i could dig this, i hate punchhole

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                                      • BATMAN
                                      • Pba
                                      • 12 Mar 2019

                                      vivo v15pro = samsung a90
                                      samsun rip

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                                        • stefan
                                        • mr0
                                        • 12 Mar 2019

                                        Anonymous, 12 Mar 2019So their flagships has a hole on display while midrange hav... moreindeed. sad truth