Motorola's foldable Razr to be powered by the Snapdragon 710

12 March 2019
Looks like we're soon getting the first mid-range folding smartphone.

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Bla, 03 Apr 2019I wouldn't compare this Razr with foldables of Samsung and ... moreI get your point about the need of smaller phones which can be used with only one hand. Which is why I don't think this phone is suitable for that. Because when unfolded (for full usage), its screen size is similar to any other current phones (which require two hand in some use case). And to add the problem, it has to reduce its battery size to be remain as compact as possible, which in turn, reduce its battery life.

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    • 03 Apr 2019

    kurotsuki, 13 Mar 2019I think this device only good for nostalgia. I mean, The sc... moreI wouldn't compare this Razr with foldables of Samsung and Huawei. They are made for those who want a mix between phone and tablet. What about those who just want a phone to be smaller? This is a phone which gives hope to all people who have problem using phone with one hand. I find this concept rather as a badly needed one in this oversized smartphones and I hope others will join that race with Motorola, as I don't have a lot of trust in it since Lenovo owns them. I don't hold too much grudge for removing bezzels to achieve better stb ratio, but with screen they oversize bodies of all phones also... even the chiepest ones. I know that could be enigma for most of people here, but wouldn't be nice just to have a choice if we want smaller or not. I really miss not having that choice.

      Absolute fail, if they had put top internals with better battery for 1500 I would understand, now just a mediocre device which will rip your wallet for true foldable flagship, better add couole of hunderds and get proper flagship Fold

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        • 17 Mar 2019

        I would be interested if Motorola cell phones where not owned by Lenovo.

        Wouldnt buy another Lenovo Product

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          • 13 Mar 2019

          If someone got the money to spent on a $1500 foldable phone, he would just easily pay the extra $500 and buy the much better phone with bigger screen, battery, cpu...even for half the price I still wouldnt get it..It's just a midrange 6.1" phone that folds..One can buy an S10+ or iphone XS Max for much less and get a much better experience...

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            • 13 Mar 2019

            Anonymous, 13 Mar 2019RAZR as in razor = sharp, edgy, bleeding tip of technology.... moreRounded logo because of the curve of a folded screen, obviously.

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              • 13 Mar 2019

              Anonymous, 13 Mar 2019Hope I can fold from a portable 4" 4:3 screen to a 8" 21:9 ... more?! single-fold 4:3 can only unfold into ~ 2:3 or 8:3 ratios. Geometry, yo.

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                • 13 Mar 2019

                Thesis86, 13 Mar 2019Bad move. At least throw an 845 in there. At least. Why?
                855 $2500
                845 $2000
                710 $1500

                It is cheaper!

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                  • 13 Mar 2019

                  WOW i really hope that battery is bigger, a 6.1 inch screen will drain that 2,700mah battery so fast not to mention the small screen on the outside,this phone needs at least 4,000mah battery regardless of if it's a budget or mid-range phone, the complaints will be how much it cost and the battery doesn't last half a day. They are making the same mistake as HTC, big screen and small battery.

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                    • 13 Mar 2019

                    Notsure, 13 Mar 2019Is it for people that cannot fit an ordinary tall smartphon... moreThe design and the processor used makes me think this is mainly addressed to women and fashion addicts. As a power user, this phone is rather useless.
                    Also, maybe the design is not that sturdy and resistant over time, so making it a high-end flagship that turns out to be a possible flop is not a good idea, hence the mid-range processor. People would have higher expectations from it with a better processor.
                    It's cool, but I won't buy it. It's not my type of gadget..

                      Is it for people that cannot fit an ordinary tall smartphone in their pocket? Too many disadvantages just for that. I'll just make an effort and make a normal phone fit, no need for low specs, limited usablility when folded, huge price, bad durability.
                      The only way a foldable phone makes sense is the Huawei and Samsung type, to transform into a tablet, but even those I'm skeptical of. The only purpose of a tablet would be to use the desktop version of sites, and the actual foldable phones seem a bit too small for that when unfolded. And even if they were to work well as a tablet, you should be a tablet fanatic to transform your phone into such an impractical device.
                      Anyway, they're all garbage at this point, I wouldn't use one even if you paid me.

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                        • 13 Mar 2019

                        Anonymous, 13 Mar 2019I hope Lenovo doesn't meddle with Motorola and screw this w... moreTbh it's cool but it will be big fail because:
                        - 2600 battery is a joke especially with two screens
                        - as someone said unfolded it's normal phone, no adventage in that construction
                        - when unfolded it will be gimmicky to use
                        - probably 21:9 format which is not suitable for one hand use

                        It will only look cool and be fashion phone but probably bad for user experience

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                          • 13 Mar 2019

                          It's Motorola, they promised a SD660 and we got SD630. They promised SD845 and we got SD835 on the Moto Z3. I hope this phone gets SD675 at least...

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                            • 13 Mar 2019

                            Awesome.. can be the best selling smartphone in 2019

                              I think this device only good for nostalgia. I mean, The screen when unfolded was practically the same like every device out there. No other advantage except for the smaller form factor when not in use (which is not a big deal anymore since people already familiar with it, after showered by myriad of current smartphones form factor).

                              Galaxy Fold and Mate X have an edge on wider screen area, enable user to use more workspaces. For now, it's a niche market. But when the price goes down, and mid ranger can afford the foldable screen, it might quickly gain traction because of the usefulness of wider workspaces. This Razr? not really. Sure you can have smaller form factor when you keep it in your pocket, at the price of trimmed down battery capacity, which is against current trend.

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                                • 13 Mar 2019

                                Looks stuning......710 is great Soc. This is a design phone not a perfomer. If you want perfomance for few bucks go for Xiaomi, that what their made for

                                  Bad move. At least throw an 845 in there. At least.

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                                    • 13 Mar 2019

                                    --VM--, 13 Mar 2019My best foldable phone features like . 16:9 ratio with 40... moreHow do you combine 400 ppi, 10" and FHD resolution?

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                                      • 13 Mar 2019

                                      GDS Khera, 13 Mar 2019Tell you something, MOTO, get it in market for 1000 $, arou... moreNeither pixel or iPhone are the milestone for cameras

                                        My best foldable phone features like .
                                        16:9 ratio with 400 ppi
                                        10 inches fhd display .
                                        Second display 5 inches
                                        Average camera with stero speakers .