Samsung Galaxy Note10 will unsurprisingly have a 5G version

12 March 2019
This has been revealed through the kernel source code the company published for the S10 family.

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  • Anonymous

still on note 4 and refusing to change. removable battery is more important than changing phone every year

  • Anonymous

AnonD-732843, 15 Mar 2019The Note9 is definitely not perfect although it is a awesom... more1,2,5,6,7 are a MUST

Note 10 supporting 5G and price higher than Mate X.
I am sure about it.

  • AnonD-732843

Maria, 13 Mar 2019OMG! When Galaxy Note 9 is still perfect, the successor hav... moreThe Note9 is definitely not perfect although it is a awesome all-rounder.

The following additions would render the Note9 perfect:
1. Reduce the edge curve to a bare minimum.
2. Replace the gorilla glass with superior sapphire glass.
3. Include a factory installed glass protector for a double layer of protection.
4. Change the metal frame composition to a lighter yet even stronger alloy.
5. Bring back the IR blaster.
6. Include all Samsung features without removing any of them nor adding any bloatware to promote a pure and truly lag-free fast software experience despite not being stock Android.
7. Redesign the speakers with more wattage to sound even louder since my Note4 on a custom ROM can blow any other phone away and even some bluetooth speakers ( in terms of loudness ) even though it has a inferior MONO speaker in the first place...

  • AnonD-732843

Anonymous, 14 Mar 2019Note 4 one of the worst note I’ve ever used.The Note4 was actually THE king of smartphones... hence why I still have 2 working ones bought 4 years ago ( 4 years seem like a acceptable update cycle for Samsung devices ) but sadly, the internal 3GB RAM is not sufficient anymore...and the next best option is of course the Note9...even though it has no IR blaster and is quite fragile yet heavier but great nevertheless.

  • Anonymous

Yoshi7556, 13 Mar 2019A note 10e with flat screen, removable back and battery and... moreNote 4 one of the worst note I’ve ever used.

  • Anonymous

5G 12 gig of ram
Ordinary 4G 8 gig of ram

Nothing special unless Samsung decide to use threr new storage UFS 3.0

  • Anonymous

Alien , 13 Mar 2019Welcome to the present world. The 666 USED to be a thing in... moreCome on man.. They're not literraly scared. It's becoming sort of a myth, like a black cat, or number 13.. Would you think that Intel was scared with Pentim III - 667? Or was it a "marketing" trick? Do you think that some airlines are missing row 13 from their seat numbering because they are scared??

  • erico cell

extremely awesome with Samsung galaxy

  • Alien

PapaRafe, 13 Mar 2019666 display. Really Samsung?Welcome to the present world. The 666 USED to be a thing in the dark ages, but not anymore..
Geez, people getting scared by a number is so effing hilarious lmao

  • Alien

To be honest, I am disappointed with the S10 5G version. If I have to choose between 5G and the SD card slot, I'm choosing the SD slot.
I'm not that obsessed with mobile data usage anyway. In my country we have excellent internet speeds.

Sparkxster, 13 Mar 2019Hope there is a smaller note 10e.A note 10e with flat screen, removable back and battery and an overall reimagination of the Note4 would be great

Hope there is a smaller note 10e.

  • Bob

PapaRafe, 13 Mar 2019666 display. Really Samsung?In many countries 666 has nothing to do with religion, in China for example 666 is internet lingo for "Awesome".

  • Anonymous

Cant wait. I am still wondering how huge the screen will be since the S10+ already is massive.

mdurgeshtela, 13 Mar 2019S10 5G with Spen & i think S10 plus with SpenGalaxy Note has a separate fanbase

Well, Note 10 will surprisingly have non-5G version, that's something good)

Love the Community, 13 Mar 2019According to Oct - Nov 2018 rumors, Note10 will not have a ... moreI don't think that "audio lag for games" is possible to fix for Bluetooth, because, e.g., it's not video where audio track is constant from the beginning to the end.

  • Manoj

I wish to see a Note 10E which will be by buy.

If they only give it elevating camera and full screen without ANY notch including "flowing notch"...