Black Shark 2 key specs confirmed, trailer surfaces online

13 March 2019
The phone will go official next week on March 18.

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E-Sports grade battery i am curious and interested.
Imagine blackshark 2 with specs of Energizer Powermax P8100S or better.
If they add 10 000 mAh or more it could be most endurance lasting phone ever created.
I add this to my list. And if it will sell in Slovakia ill maybe buy it.

  • Miu

Yummy, I need one.

The key question is, will it have ufs 3.0 storage?

It sort of looks like a Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, just slightly larger (and probably thicker).
Need more details before judging this thing.

Must be like 10mm thick?

No notches, no holes, SD 855 and a big battery mmm interesting. I'll add it to my list

  • Anonymous

From Pic we can see RGB LED is the key spec

  • PiT

Hope the screen display will be at least 6.4inch

  • robogo

"e-sports grade battery" = 5000+ mAh