Nokia N-Gage QD officially announced

14 Apr, 2004
After the several leaks of unofficial pictures of the so called N-Gage 2, Nokia today announced the new version of the N-Gage game deck and the real name of the device is N-Gage QD...

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  • Peter pan

GSM Arena, please do keep your archive save so people like me cam come and read these news all over again.

This reminds me of the old good days, where phones were actually different and innovation was just started.

Thank you for your work over the last 15 or so years!

  • David

Back in my elementary days. Some of my rich kid classmates have their own so called "baby" haha. I was so envious. I really appreciate how Technology progress really fast, but right now, its so fast, not everyone can cope up with it.

  • denis j

very nice phone in the word.......

  • Anonymous


  • google

i like this phone very muc!!!

  • ricko

ive got the samsung s3 and it out performs this.only a tad tho!

  • Maka

This is a ground breaking, inovative mobile that combines gamming and mobile...

  • khalidoov from egypt

someday I will get this stunnig phone

  • yuan

i like this phone very muc!!!