Verizon’s 5G Moto Mod going up for pre-order as carrier announces the first two 5G markets

13 March 2019
Verizon customers will need to shell out an extra $10/month for 5G service.

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120 for a 5G Motomod funny.
When 5G network is like to say in diapers.

120 euros for having 5G mod.
Not thanks i stick to my 4G.
But i would like to see successor to my Moto X4 my daily driver.

  • Anonymous

Is it right that all phones with 5 g will be fat ?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Mar 2019So SD835 fore the phone and SD855 for the mod 5G!?Once you'll compare the performance of a device without a dedicated CPU for transfer data over 5G maybe people will think this is a good choice, till than is just an alternative to keep old devices up to date - and for that purpose Moto has already my bravo, also had before for other great mods that really make my smartphone something more.

This is good not untill you buy a new phone be for U can get access to 5g

  • Anonymous

So SD835 fore the phone and SD855 for the mod 5G!?