Yet unannounced BlackBerry Milan may have been canceled

04 January, 2012
With a 4.2" screen and portrait QWERTY, it would have been an odd device if it ever saw the light of day.

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  • AnonD-80792

This could have been an amazing piece of hardware. I would really like a big screen vertical slider. It's uncomfortable to use both hands for a side sliding phone.

  • Anonymous

they should just change it to landscape slide out ... their first

  • Anonymous


  • Ernesto

It's a very fashionable phone... i like these long phones... sleak 'n sexy piano black look... full of attitude... hope they'll reconsider the launching of these device... If they decide to use more metal into it's structure, and put the new BB OS 10, i would surely buy one!!!

  • Anonymous

good picture

  • AnonD-36827

Ezequiel, 04 Jan 2012Looks like my Nokia 7500 Prism... :PIt really does, like a Lamborghini looks like a scooter. I think the screen alone is the size of your Prism ;P

  • AnonD-36827

This phone looks like someone glued a Samsung Galaxy S2 on top of a blackberry keyboard. Can you imagine holding this phone in your hand? The center of gravity is too high.The keyboard is too low, makes writing very hard. Best way to typing is by placing it on a table. This is, I think, a useless design exercise.

  • leeon

if there is no front camera and cant support android i would not buy it..

  • Mik3yD

RIM is going bankrupt...

FYI: Stop trying to buy hockey teams and try to save your landsliding company.

  • Voduuur

AnonD-8044, 04 Jan 2012Brilliant design i would buy one..Dont care what anyone says rea... moreOh yeah i forgot plastic buttons have a soul...

  • CDGoin

Ahh... there isn't a market for a Dell Venue Pro style phones because NO ONE has brought them to the market..!! The DVP doesnt count as "brouoght to the market" as I had to KNOW ABOUT it and then make the effort to go to the online Dell store to buy it. THat said, everyone that sees my DVP wants one. If they make it and promote it in a big way and make it accessible to the average phone browser at a store.. they and the market could be very surprised. Thisd goes for WP7 as much as RIM

  • Ezequiel

Looks like my Nokia 7500 Prism... :P

  • AnonD-8044

Brilliant design i would buy one..Dont care what anyone says real buttons are better than tapping at a piece of souless glass.

  • maera

usless phone

  • Manjeet Singh


  • lurvinmclurvin

Blackberry can't make phones that can compete in todays market against the likes of iphone 4s, SGS2/Nexus, HTC Sensation, Moto RAZR, etc. These phones are the best out. The only unique thing about Blackberry is BBM but apps likes WhatsApp are starting to become more and more popular. They are good (from what I have seen and experienced) at low to mid range phones for teens and busniess users. But my GS2, I have it set up just like a Blackberry in terms of having everything set up to come through as a push message. Every smartphone out there can do what a BB does but better. To increase sales, I think they need to license their BBM to other companies or make a monster of a phone that would have Full HD screen, atleast 5mp camera with brilliant tech in it, full touchscreen with a side slide out qwerty keyboard, dual core 1.2ghz processor and latest software (BBX). They need to release it sooner rather than later to compete in this market.

  • Rahul

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  • AnonD-6193

Next news,

Blackberry Cancelled by RIM and went back to farming...

  • AnonD-16407

Yes or Not is Not important ,we not go for Blackberry again.

  • San