Nokia N82 is finally out

14 Nov, 2007
It's official. No, really, it is! The Nokia N82 is finally out and rolling with the official Nokia specifications. There's nothing new to it, rumors have already got it right. There is some exciting news about it...

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  • Anonymous
  • Ljs
  • 02 Apr 2010

best phone ever

touchscreen phones are so dam-n dirty

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    • rhyza
    • RKp
    • 15 Apr 2008

    i love this fone! i bought dis unit yesterday! and i love it! esp. the camera... wwwwwwooaaahh! love it.. i dont have a hard time adjusting to its keypad, cuz i own an SE K550i before and it has the same keypad as the n82... love this fone! the camera itself is much better than of the n95..

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      • wrb
      • 27 Mar 2008

      nokia n82 is very crazy phone!!! i can't wait to have it!!! really!!!

        • R
        • Richard
        • nRE
        • 12 Jan 2008

        I've been waiting since November 2007 for this phone, when it finally came out in the UK last week, i decided to check it out in the shop hands-on display. Dam the phone is ugly. I tried to look at it in different lighting and different angles but it still looked tacky and cheap. Which is a crying shame, cos the phone feature wise is the best on the market. I am waiting to see what the black version looks like in Mid February, hopefully it will be released in UK

          • k
          • kafka
          • mLf
          • 23 Dec 2007

          I own 6300 and N82 and I actually type way faster on N82...

            • C
            • Cruz
            • SkZ
            • 01 Dec 2007

            I've heard the N82 is also available in the color White?

            Is the white one direct available? Because I only see live pictures of the titanium-color.

            Are there any live pics of the White N82?

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              • Anonymous
              • UD}
              • 01 Dec 2007

              does it have tv mobility?

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                • Anonymous
                • m2h
                • 19 Nov 2007

                It seems to be great phone but they should improve the keypad which is not comfortable at all they should make it like the Nokia 6300 then it will be easier to dial and write the SMS!

                  • H
                  • Huo
                  • TC{
                  • 19 Nov 2007

                  ok, still having patient to wait....

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                    • Nokia Review Team -
                    • pF4
                    • 18 Nov 2007

                    What was seen in the previous picture was a leaked picture of the prototype the Nokia team in Finland sent us to try out in order to test its compatibility with Middle-Eastern networks because it is aimed to the KSA market.
                    Unfortunately, it contains many flaws and we suggest you wait 3 months until the N82 4gb Edition comes out...

                      • a
                      • andry
                      • PB1
                      • 18 Nov 2007

                      Nokia-Asia already has support page for N82,
                      can't wait till it hit the market.

                        • D
                        • Dan Hayes
                        • mmN
                        • 18 Nov 2007

                        I already have an N95 but this phone gives me a dilema. My upgrade is due in January so do I go for the N82 with the Xenon Flash or the N95 8GB that has a larger screen?

                          • l
                          • lucky
                          • S9r
                          • 18 Nov 2007

                          NOKIA should improve the built quality first the n95 is cracking here the battery cover looses a piece every day even that im holding it like my son

                            • A
                            • Andy Burgin
                            • pTC
                            • 18 Nov 2007

                            Nokia as tried to produce a 5 mega-pixel camera mobile thats not going to be expensive for everyone thats why the N82 as been made as alot could not afford the N95,so i think its going to be a very good mobile to buy indeed an the camera an flash look a very good function indeed on the N82 an with already having the Rotate me Function on it i will definetly be looking out for some early reviews about the N82 before i get the N82 cheers Nokia

                              • D
                              • Dinindu
                              • w9J
                              • 18 Nov 2007

                              I like NOKIA N i using N73 music phone. because i like black colour & music function.
                              N 82 has very nice Functions, but NOKIA should make good quality KEYPAD with black colour phone like N73 Music Edition,N95 8Gb phone, N77, N93i.
                              C U

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                                • Anonymous
                                • nWG
                                • 18 Nov 2007

                                nice one

                                  • ?
                                  • Anonymous
                                  • TIE
                                  • 18 Nov 2007

                                  Why Oh Why.
                                  Horrible Design by Nokia once again.I find their designs are getting from bad to worse,now they are thinking functionality over design.Did they fire their designer or something.It is so rare to see a proper phone design by Nokia nowadays.Zero Aesthetics

                                    • ?
                                    • Anonymous
                                    • 4{t
                                    • 18 Nov 2007

                                    it's ugly... probably the ugliest from the n-series

                                      • s
                                      • s_pac
                                      • M{3
                                      • 17 Nov 2007

                                      hmmmm . .
                                      quite please to see bar shaped cell fone with all the functions 1 call look for . .

                                      personally i need a good cam , wifi and GPS !!
                                      it has em all
                                      beatin other contenders like SE and Samsung . . who hav introduced 5 mp in the market but dont hav some of these features!!

                                      well . . nokia has adapted a different n innovative design !!

                                      well i guess this 1's gona b a sure shot HIT !!

                                      might even become more successful then n95 !!

                                      well done NOKIA !!

                                        • s
                                        • suru
                                        • nDL
                                        • 17 Nov 2007

                                        i dont like the design