Meizu 16s photo leaks to confirm thin bezels

21 March 2019
The phone is expected to launch in May.

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  • Anonymous

That photo though... Not sure if that guy's hands are so small or that phone is such a giantic paddle.

  • ZORO

Devil , 22 Mar 2019Nobody will ever buy this outside of China. You have no taste ! i will buy it even if it be on the moon . its the perfect dream phone . the 16s plus that is

  • Devil

Nobody will ever buy this outside of China.

It'll be great if it also does retain the back design found on the MEIZU 15 and MEIZU 16 too, though it may look kind of dated given the fact that it's almost a year old now. Overall, I really like this design, it's simplistic and fresh from the plethora of notched smartphones despite its age, though I'd like to point out that the selfie camera is quite small as compared to other smartphones, so image quality might be a concern here

I had a Meizu M2 Note until I accidentally dropped it down some concrete steps in Edinburgh :( I really liked it, the OS was smooth and the phone was a joy to hold

  • Anonymous

Is that a selfie cam? In such tiny bezels?! We have been fooled this entire time with ungly awful notches.

According to Chinese web sites, it will be released in April.

The device is looking really promising. I don't believe it will be a huge update over 16, but for those who can't live without NFC, it could be an option.
Meizu provides gorgeous devices with superb quality, so people won't be disappointed. They do not update the Android, but if you go for Chinese ROM, it is updating frequently and works good.
For me unfortunately the size matters, so I will stick to my 15, which is relatively compact device and since I don't need NFC, there is no drama with upgrade of the phone.

  • Kni

Still enjoying my meizu 16th with gcam night sight. Underated brand.

  • Gusta

xer, 21 Mar 2019Why I never buy this phone like the last 16th? - FlymeOS - Bad... moreThe battery is not bad. It is just not great. The rather small battery capacity is because of its super slim factor. 16th is the slimest Android flagship last year. It is for style, not for endurance. That's why they will release Meizu 16T this year for endurance / gamer. CMIIW.

  • Gibby

... After looking at the photos again - good point re the icons etc close to the corners - they don't seem to have tried to implement their appearance or location in relation to the curves of the screen. They look a bit awkward.
Hopefully not a sign of other over sights. I've never owned a Meizu before but this looks tempting..

  • Gibby

Mifan, 21 Mar 2019meizu is an under rated company!I agree
This phone is 'Noice'!!
Bravo Meizu

  • Mohammadreza

Barricade, 21 Mar 2019"Official teasers say the bottom bezel is 16 mm thinner than the... moreYeah, they means 1.6mm thinner...

Code016, 21 Mar 2019Writing news about a phone with super thin bezel but not mention... moreThey did though

Just need aosp rom + gcam in this phone and this phone will be from future

Joe Dickson, 21 Mar 2019And still my 16th does not have Pie.Yes, Meizu seems utterly hopeless with updates, as if they just don't care. I was also interested in the 16 last year but skipped. I still think the form factor is great.

Writing news about a phone with super thin bezel but not mentioning the front facing camera at all? You guys are avoiding it.

  • Mifan

Dude, 21 Mar 2019Looks good. Hopefully there will be an IPS variant as I can't st... moreSame!!! No Burn in No Problem!

  • Mifan

meizu is an under rated company!

Meizu needs to partner with Google to release a Meizu 16s Android One Edition.