Samsung Galaxy A6+ (2018) receiving Android Pie update

21 March 2019
The update is currently only rolling out in a single country and a wider release is expected next month.

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  • Anonymous
  • y$Y
  • 17 Dec 2019

After update to android pie I disappointed with the camera...

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    • Guardian
    • JKp
    • 24 May 2019

    And A6 (non-plus)? It should get the update in April, but still silence.

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      • Anonymous
      • X{x
      • 04 May 2019

      I have updated, but after update there in no date and time display in sleep mode. What can I do?

        How long we have to wait until the reboot process is done. It almost 3 hours but my phone's screen still shows samsung logo.

          • K
          • KAIF
          • syv
          • 02 Apr 2019

          Think twice before updating. I am not satisfied with Pie. Multi window option just disappear, don't like look of drop down menu etc

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            • KAIF
            • syv
            • 30 Mar 2019

            just received pie update of samsung a6 plus. it's amazing. need more time to explore more..

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              • Anonymous
              • gML
              • 25 Mar 2019

              My A9 2018 got android pie from India

                Bla, 22 Mar 20199.0 Pie came in August, 2018. We have Pie for almost 8 mo... moreMan beta version has been reôeased somewhere in april .
                Like android Q is already available in first beta version for download and testing etc.

                  • R
                  • Ricky Shaa
                  • v{u
                  • 22 Mar 2019

                  How is the Pie version for A6 Plus?
                  Is that getting struck or any feature reduction on that phone after the update!
                  Please post your comments because I want to know what is better, therefore If anyone updates tp Pie, Please reply me about your feeling after the update!
                  Thank you!

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                    • Bla
                    • LiQ
                    • 22 Mar 2019

                    CptPower, 21 Mar 2019year and half late grats samsung you really know how to att... more9.0 Pie came in August, 2018.
                    We have Pie for almost 8 months, where did you find year and the half?

                      • m
                      • mausfing
                      • SqB
                      • 22 Mar 2019

                      Just flashed the Pie. I like the dark mode, and the UI is nice, somehow better than before. The camera app is disapointing. No slow mo, pro is limited, low light mode is crap...
                      Overall I like it.

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                        • Gerb
                        • S3%
                        • 21 Mar 2019

                        Just updated my A6+ to Pie in The Netherlands, so not only Poland then?

                          year and half late grats samsung you really know how to attract customers.

                            guys i have a friend that owns an a7 2017 do you think it will get android p?

                              1, 5 years late?

                                • D
                                • AnonD-558092
                                • 45}
                                • 21 Mar 2019

                                Candra, 21 Mar 2019Wow, they get earlier than the higher A7 (and A8 ?) A7 and A8 Pie is already out
                                (A8 and A8+ Pie is on Sammobile)

                                  Wow, they get earlier than the higher A7 (and A8 ?)