Recap: The new phones and tablets of week 12

24 March 2019
From new budget devices to tablets and gaming phones, the past week had it all.

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Anonymous, 24 Mar 2019Redmi note 8 pro? There was a report from Xiaomi that their budget division "Redmi" will also be introducing a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 phone in 2019. Naturally this means it will the the higher-end of the Redmi lineup. Within the Redmi lineup there are two major models: the Redmi and Redmi Note. And there are several variants of those models with the suffix: Lite, A, Y, S, X and Redmi 7 for the former, and for the latter there are variants of: Redmi Note 7, Plus, Pro, Prime. Some of these variants or suffix have been retired.

So since we've just finished the 6th-generation of Redmi, in 2019, the flagship (or most expensive) 7th-gen Redmi phone is the Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro. The "Prime" suffix seems to have been retired. So in 2019 that phone should get the QSD 855 chipset, however, not too long ago Xiaomi actually released that same product and used the midrange QSD 675 chipset instead.

That means either Xiaomi will:
- introduce the Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Prime (revive the suffix) with the QSD 855 in mid 2019
- the Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro (skip to 8th-gen quickly) with the QSD 855 in late 2019
- or scrap plans of introducing a QSD 855 (flagship chipset) to the Redmi brand.

Remember there's plans for Xiaomi to use the QSD 855 chipset in the Mi Mix 4, Mi 9 Explorer, Mi 9, BlackShark 2, and Pocophone 2. So we can expect 5-7 different phones from Xiaomi with the QSD 855 chipset, which is a chipset reserved for flagships.

And remember Xiaomi is a large company with different sectors; the main sector is the service division (profit engine), their advertising division (smallest department), their Xiaomi Store division, then the Mi division (main phone), then the Gaming division, and lastly the Redmi division.

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Kangal, 24 Mar 2019Yeah, when are all the other Snapdragon 855 alternatives co... moreRedmi note 8 pro?

Kangal, 24 Mar 2019Yeah, when are all the other Snapdragon 855 alternatives co... moreTo be fair Kangal, we're only 3 months in 2019. There's still another nine months to go

Yeah, when are all the other Snapdragon 855 alternatives coming out?

Only available options are the Samsung S10 and the Xiaomi Mi9 variants. The Sony Xperia 1 and Lenovo Z5 Pro looks like a paperlaunch. The Xiaomi BlackShark 2 is coming soon. We know the Samsung Note10 and Google Pixel 4 should be released at the end of the year, despite using last month's technology.

But where's the LG G8, the ASUS RoG 2, the OnePlus 7, the Vivo NexQ, the Oppo Find11, the Nokia 10, the HTC U13, the Moto Z4, the ZTE Axon 10, and Meizu 17. Not to mention the other higher-end Xiaomi variants like the Mi Mix 3, Redmi Note 8 Pro, and the Pocophone 2.

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Redmi 7 and black shark 2 is stars of the week

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Nothing to see here..