Huawei P30 and P30 Pro arrive tomorrow, here’s what to expect

25 March 2019
With so many leaks we hardly expect a surprise from the launch in Paris.

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[deleted post]It is not about racism, mate. Unfortunately 99% Chinese branded phones appear not to be as good as advertised at all. The only good thing so far is a build quality (premium quality materials etc) and sometimes battery life. I have Mate 20 Pro at the moment and know what I'm talking about. I came from Samsung and Google. Considering that Huawei is the best Chinese phone maker, I expected to have better experience. Unfortunately, I was wrong. Not happy and even quite annoyed with many things.

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Imx607 is dead. Imx650 will be used

  • Anonymous

Good cell phone for the Chinese consumer..

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Anonymous, 25 Mar 201938MP, not 40. Imx607 = quad bayer, quad pixel AF Yes, it ... moreIt's simple designed by huawei created by sony you just said it

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Thanks Martin. Great insight.

More than anything else, I am curious about the Sony IMX607 sensor. It should solve 2 fundamental issues with smartphone cameras namely low light noise and sharpness. Hopefully it's 9.5MP resolution would be in the ballpark of 12MP in detail and sharpness and if it truly has Triple Native ISO of 50/500/5000 then it should have some superb low light capabilities too, which I am guessing should be almost twice as good as Night Mode on the MATE20 pro (but with that f3.5 periscope zoom, the different may not be more than 50%, which too would be no small achievement). The IMX607 seems like a refined version of the IMX586, with similar level of detail and sharpness (and much better low light capabilities).
My only problem is that the S10 offers so much more in many other departments, as well.

IMHO the real future or Smartphone sensor design is already known to Samsung. Something that circumvents issues with Cross Talk and Low Light brilliantly. Someone just needs to remind them again I guess.

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38MP, not 40.

Imx607 = quad bayer, quad pixel AF

Yes, it is created by Sony Imaging/Sony Semicon. Not Huawei design

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Really only a single flagship, as the lower spec ones in the range are lacking.

Personally I've stopped expecting anything from phones that cost more than 600 €

  • Martin

Extreme ugly Ultra wide, LG V40 destroy camera sh*t!!