Nokia N95 8GB gets assembled video

19 Nov, 2007
If you happened to wonder how mobile phones are manufactured then you might find the next video very interesting. We accidentally stumbled across this intriguing video coming straight from Nokia’s...

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  • 09 Dec 2009

HEy Nokia fans,
My Nokia N95 8GB is crashed down. I can't turn it on at all. Guys from service told me that they have to change the software, but it means that all data from card would be gone. Is there any possibility to save the photos and videos from card? If no, I don't see any reason for dividing memory on mass memory and telephone memory.
Please help me!

    • t
    • thomas
    • M@u
    • 29 Nov 2007

    I agree with 'damnedude' about the quality of the phone cover. It does look like a cheap high street cover. i have a 6300 and like the looks of it.

      • D
      • Dani
      • nEw
      • 26 Nov 2007

      im Sure the Camera Can be COVERED with anything.......

      but the N95 8GB is a Really good upgrade to the N95 Classic

        • S
        • Samarth N91
        • PWY
        • 24 Nov 2007

        @ Lisa,

        It's a confirmed data, that Nokia N95 8GB will have bigger capacity Battery, about 1100 or 1200 Mah.
        But, the Camera cover is now removed ... due to size factor ...
        Well ...

          • L
          • Lisa
          • v0g
          • 23 Nov 2007

          Just out of curiosity can anyone tell me if the 8GB version has a better Battery in it then the standard?
          If they are still uing the normal Nokia Battery it would be a Joke

            • x
            • xtefan
            • pkB
            • 22 Nov 2007

            take a look on youtube, there are some interesting videos on nokia n95 assembly & disassembly

              • d
              • damnedude
              • ijc
              • 22 Nov 2007

              Whats up with Nokia? They introduce a good phone like this one, pack it with good features but have u guys seen the plastic they've used. It's real cheap quality. When i held the phone it didnt feel like i was holding a high end device. Are folks at Nokia listening.


                • t
                • tom
                • puD
                • 21 Nov 2007

                it was available at beginning. i saw the begining of it in the office. at home i tried to see all of it. that was already to late...

                  • e
                  • eddy
                  • SkE
                  • 21 Nov 2007

                  was it ever available??

                    • F
                    • FDS
                    • wfA
                    • 21 Nov 2007

                    video is no longer available :(

                      • k
                      • keith
                      • vud
                      • 20 Nov 2007

                      does anybody know if the n95 8 gb will work on next g in australia if bought in the usa or does it need some software from telstra australia

                        • h
                        • hustla
                        • Pxx
                        • 20 Nov 2007

                        does the software of n95 8gb crash??

                          • C
                          • Cyber
                          • wre
                          • 20 Nov 2007

                          great review from ur u tobe about SE factory great job,NOKIA will be beat down by SE.Go SE !!!

                            • M
                            • Magic
                            • mnh
                            • 20 Nov 2007

                            And now a VIDEO from the factory of SONY ERICSSON !!!


                              • ?
                              • Anonymous
                              • F4p
                              • 20 Nov 2007

                              AND Dani, n95 phone's software crashes? you will be the joke among N95 users. it's very stable and faster cpu then any 208mhz of sony's cpu -_- Nokia have 332mhz btw. imagine if sony load 3rd party software? ha? nice waiting as the battery could affort the WAIT. hahhaa. even N73 have 220mhz..
                              ohya, dont get upset with your "so so only" mobile phone.

                                • ?
                                • Anonymous
                                • F4p
                                • 20 Nov 2007

                                Dani, the material of nokia is cheap? EH let me ASK you a simple question, i have both N95 & W580i my N95 only colour fade off for the end call key but my W580i keypad cracked while i'm typing message and it isn't one of them, is 2 of the keys already. is that a joke? and again WALKMAN phones, sounds good in music, eh sounds still alright but not as loud as N95. however N95 is only like N91's 3/4 of the earpiece loudness. So to N91 users, WALKMAN phone is just a joke.

                                  • C
                                  • Cesar
                                  • GAe
                                  • 20 Nov 2007

                                  Only to say... thanks for the video! It's always good to see how phones are made.

                                    • L
                                    • Lee Dewhirst
                                    • MWC
                                    • 20 Nov 2007

                                    Lets face facts. NOKIA pretty much own the mobile phone market. They have the best range of phones, the best made phones and their attention to detail is fab. I have a Nokia N95 and just bought the N95 8GB which beats the I-phone hands down.
                                    My partner has just purchased the I-phone and is massively disapointed their is nothing but problems. The Bluetooth is rubbish, The screen smears, The function to turn the screen around never works, the battery life is shockingly bad and even worse as you fill up the 8gb memory. Apple should stick to making their bad computers and I-pods. IM SORRY. but Nokia wins !!!HANDS DOWN!!!

                                      • n
                                      • nisar khan
                                      • vGA
                                      • 20 Nov 2007

                                      Hope we can watch a video how the mobiles are tested before the become assembled,wish i was working for Nokia i bet the workers can pick any mobile they want as a bonus payme

                                        • ?
                                        • Anonymous
                                        • nth
                                        • 20 Nov 2007

                                        the title of this article is "Nokia N95 8GB gets assembled video."

                                        so if you (SE/iphone fanboys) hate Nokia that much, don't come here.
                                        we really don't need your stupid comments.