Samsung Galaxy Note FE gets official Android 9.0 update

25 March 2019
OneUI, Android Pie and March security patch all coming to the Fan Edition Note.

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  • ikky

a8 plus in uae?

  • archerkent

Gared, 26 Mar 2019Is there anybody here note FE user in the Philippines that alrea... moregot the update and now i lost the ability to use my sim2/sd mod. does anyone know how to make it work again?

  • Ken Adams

what about the Galaxy s7 ?Will it receive any update ?

  • Moe

What About the Note7, I Have It For 2 Years And It Is Amazing Handset. Samsung Terminated Everything About It, I Thought They May Do Something For It's Brave Users.

What disaster?? They don't even have removable battery till today (which could've solved the Note 7 problem much easily). They weren't even affected.

It makes me think maybe its some kind of conspiracy that removeable batteries are going away.
Maybe Google or the US wants to keep an eye on us, even if we switch off our phone.
And every such development is happening in the US, so we don't have much of a choice. The Qualcomm, the OS, the servers.
Not even one flagship exists with removeable battery, even midrangers are losing them now.

Is there anybody here note FE user in the Philippines that already receive the update?

  • Anonymous

I'm only concerned of losing the "app quick-switch" trick in Experience UI by double tapping the left Recents button and also the overall performance. Or else I just need the security patch and I'll be still golden without One UI, it's terrible to me so far after trying S10 demo units

  • Alboooz

Hope samy will update Note edge to eh...

  • Anonymous

Shouldn't the point of this article be to clarify that the Note 7 was launched with Android 6? Otherwise two updates is not news, even some of their sub $300 phones get them.

Whackcar, 25 Mar 2019Yes, but they are still almost half the price of a Samsung flags... moreNote fe, even the galaxy s7 edge second hand or refurbished units still selling very pricey for today's standard by considering its specs and age, you can't say the same thing with those Chinese phone, their resale value were so bad like dropping its original price for just few months. I don't care whether they give an update on their old devices or not. What I'm saying is, they still not worth buying still at least in my opinion. Buy an Apple or Samsung still worth through a long time

  • rex

why is this even a news? it's only the 2nd OS UPDATE.
in fact every flagship must be at least 3 years of OS u update considering Apple gives 5yrs update
Moreover Samsung update very late. They launch with old OS even though the lastest is available . So technically it may be the first update in real terms and two in Samsung's terms

I'm using an S8, but I think Note 7 (fe) is still the best looking smartphone so far.

Probably not. But I'm using custom rom anyway so if s8 gets it i hope someone ported it for s7

Tech Jesus, 25 Mar 2019Yes OnePlus Is Doing Fantastic Job With Their Updates. But They ... moreYes, but they are still almost half the price of a Samsung flagship, yet the difference between the specs isn't anywhere near half. Fact of the matter is that OnePlus phones offer far better bang for the buck than most of the top dogs. To sweeten the deal, you actually get a flagship level experience thanks to their excellent hardware & software combo unlike newcomers like the Pocophone where you get a inferior experience. With OnePlus, you only miss out on bonus features like IP certification, proper multi-camera setup, wireless charging & such.

Now, OnePlus may end up implementing those features down the road, but you can expect significant increase in price for those features. For the moment though, OnePlus is doing a rather good job in my opinion.

  • ^^

I did not regret when I purchased this phone as my daily driver. Everything is doing great about this phone except the battery. But I just keep it on Medium Power saving all the time if I'm not playing a game or using the MirrorLink.

SamBoy, 25 Mar 2019So is there a chance for my S7 to get it too? :/Nope. You had your 2 OS updates.

You can try a custom ROM though. Plenty of those available for Samsung phones.

  • terreror

And what about the s7 and s7 Edge which both have the same hardware.. ?!? S7 Edge is plagued by THE pink line...probably 2/3 of all sold S7 Edge phones are affected.. This is plain stupid and unfair towards the customers. Ugly move Samsung...ugly move..

  • SamBoy

So is there a chance for my S7 to get it too? :/

Whackcar, 25 Mar 2019Note FE (2017) getting the Android 9.0 update is not surprising ... moreYes OnePlus Is Doing Fantastic Job With Their Updates. But They Are Also Increasing Their Price Hope It Bring Some Good Features Like Waterproofing Or Wireless Charging Etc

Note FE (2017) getting the Android 9.0 update is not surprising at all. It is the 2nd OS update, which is 100% common & expected on all renowned flagships. Had it not received the update, that would've been incompetent of Samsung.

What can be considered impressive is OnePlus 3/3T (2016 models) getting it's 3rd OS update. That deserves appreciation.