Oppo Reno leaks with the most unusual front-facing camera ever

28 March 2019
There are case renders and a video to confirm it.

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  • 30 Mar 2019

I know it is a render, so it maybe will have a little bit difference with real phone. But IS THIS THE FIRST PHONE THAT HAVE ALL 4 SIDES BEZELS WITH SAME THICKNESS?? Now that is perfectly balance. Like all things should be.

Too bad popup selfie camera is perfectly unbalance.

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    • 29 Mar 2019

    people will automatically tilt their head when taking selfie

      Even a mad crazy insane things have its cons r pros.
      But this is the grandmasterpiece of all crazyness.

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        • 29 Mar 2019

        Samsung copying in 3, 2, 1,

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          • 29 Mar 2019

          YXJyb2dhbnQ, 29 Mar 2019Making it a periscope design just for the sake of being a p... moreIf you want to be bezel less you gotta do what you gotta do.

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            • 29 Mar 2019

            why do they keep lying and photoshopping the bottom bezel all the time

              Luxor, 28 Mar 2019No, not that periscope zoom feature. I'm talking about the ... moreMaking it a periscope design just for the sake of being a periscope design isn't profitable because it becomes more complex to make compared to an ordinary camera.

                Obviously its a gimmick...

                  am waiting for complain of water and dust proof, hehe

                    Whackcar, 28 Mar 2019Honestly, i don't get the fuss about this. It's still motor... moreIt's one of those execution praises, picture your self in a lane on the road and immediately infront of you see these two scenarios:

                    1 Another car infront of you a couple feet ahead IN REVERSE coming towards you

                    2 Another car coming towards you from a few feet away facing you "front ways"

                    These two share something in common that they are both going in the opposite of the traffic flow

                    But chances are you'd be more forgiving of the car in reverse because of the EXECUTION a reversing car at least acknowledges that the driver knows he's going against traffic where as number 2 is blatant disregard

                    This camera mechanism is potentially more durable basically even if it Still just a pop up camera

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                      • 28 Mar 2019

                      Vic, 28 Mar 2019Why not? Looks interesting and useful for those who never u... moreLegacy ports are never good news. Corpomizes water proofness. Makes the phone thicker and offer literally nothing that an external adapter (that you constantly have connected to your headphones) wouldn't.

                      It is a chore. It should be phased out.

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                        • 35k
                        • 28 Mar 2019

                        Why not? Looks interesting and useful for those who never use selfie camera. Also looks like this phone has got a 3.5 jack which a good news for potential owners.

                          Ayva, 28 Mar 2019Nothing beat it yet. Only Huawei came close with Mate 20.https://m.gsmarena.com/the_bezels_on_the_oppo_reno_will_be_almost_as_thin_as_those_on_the_oppo_find_x-news-36100.php

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                            • 28 Mar 2019

                            Walter C. Dornez, 28 Mar 2019Oppo already has beat the chin before thoughNothing beat it yet. Only Huawei came close with Mate 20.

                              Honestly, i don't get the fuss about this. It's still motorized. It's still a pop-up. Why the sudden love for it?

                                Anonymous, 28 Mar 2019Even iPhones have chin. and to be precise, Oppo Reno's chin... moreThere are quite a few phones with smaller chins than the iPhone X. The reason why the iPhone's chin appears smaller is due to even bezels on all sides.

                                Even the Oppo Find X had a smaller chin. Go look it up.

                                  Kiyasuriin, 28 Mar 2019I love it. actually. It's unusually beautifulRight? It's cute honestly, like "Hmm? ;)"

                                    I love it. actually. It's unusually beautiful

                                      It look more durable than usual pop ups

                                        I've quietly noticed that comments like " it looks like an iPhone" are extinct now lol what an interesting turn of events.