LG K12+ launched in Brazil

29 March 2019
Adequately specd midranger with enhanced audio and LG's AI capabilities.

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  • AgamenonSantana

U$ 197,32 today.

agreed! I got a v20 for $25 cause the back camera lens fell off and pics were blurry. but fixed that with a replacement off amazon for $12 & this phone is still amazing! plus they're going for around $100 to $120 these days for one in good condition. But your right, for less than $300 on swappa you can get a lg g7, note8, s8, s8+, pixel2xl, lg v30 or v35. Lg really needs to fire their entire mobile staff cause they fail every damn yr

  • g6 user

this must be a joke with less than 300 us I can get rather lg g6/g5/v20 ...they are better phones... same brand maybe not up to date in software but way better quality anyway
software is only a concern when there wont be support for the phone other than that why bother with that

Brazil. Of course nothing is cheap there. $308 is overpriced for us but this phone is only for Brazil. K11 Plus was also released in Brazil last year at €270. Can't say much for them. LG Brazil got something of their own going on. From horrible MTK6750 to Helio P22 is a decent improvement. Not sure if you can get any cheap midranger at all in Brazil.

2GB RAM? Are you kidding me? Not only is it not adequate for smooth running of OS(expect severe lag after installing, like 10 apps), but it is totally unjustified for the price.

Even Apple no longer puts 2GB RAM in iPhones and we know that iOS requires lesser RAM than Android for smooth operation.

Copy the cat, 30 Mar 2019Lol stop complaining again the price. You all know which co... moreHuawei and Xiaomi are globaly branded companies,but are cheaper. They Also pay taxes.

Lol stop complaining again the price. You all know which company is branded and which one is not. The branded one is expensive. The unbranded one is the cheapest. So get use to it

  • Anonymous

Alex 94, 30 Mar 2019No no,Lg smartphones are overpriced everywhere.LG are overpriced the first month or two. After 2-3 months prices drop really fast way faster and much more than other brands.

  • Zero

Anonymous, 29 Mar 2019This price includes all the highest taxes that the Brazilia... moreAnd still overprices against the Redmis and the Galaxy M

NoName, 30 Mar 2019Rly? People are so stupid... Chipset, RAM is not everythin... moreNo no,Lg smartphones are overpriced everywhere.

  • NoName

Rly? People are so stupid...
Chipset, RAM is not everything.
This support DTS:X 3D Surround Sound and have MIL-STD 810G certification.
This one cost over 300 dollars because of tax in Brazil. Normally it would cost 200 dollar, 150 Euros. So, with some premium features, looks pretty good. Maybe it should have Type C and Snapdragon Chipset.

Cause of this,Lg smartphone department is dead.This should be about 120$.

  • Anonymous

This price includes all the highest taxes that the Brazilian government charges us ...
If this goes to other countries, it should cost at least 40% less than shown above.

  • LG K40

It's the same phone as the LG K40 that was announced in February 2019 and will be available April 2019.

Screen resolution is 282ppi which is better than the old Samsung Note 2 from 2012 which had a lower screen resolution of 267ppi. The width of the phone is much lower at just 71.9mm compared to the Note's 80.5mm. The weight is much lower at 150grams compared to the Note's 183grams. The Android version is much later at 8.1 instead of 4.4.2 for the Note. The main camera has twice the resolution and the front camera has four times the resolution. The processing power is also much better on this later device. Overall then, it's a big upgrade for anyone who is still using the old Samsung workhorse.

Omg!! Why smartphone price so high in Brazil?

  • Anonymous

Rly? 100$ no 308$ LG!

  • Anonymous

Lmao this is a complete joke

  • Anonymous

Me: "Hm, 5.7" with only HD resolution... Helio P22... MicroUSB... Perhaps could be a solid choice around 100$ for people who'd like to..."

LG: "300$"

Me: "...Oh."

Like seriously this LG's pricing strategy is just absolutely genius:

1. Make a solid smartphone
2. Brutally overprice it
3. Nobody buys it for obvious reasons
4. Do nothing while device becomes obsolete
5. Panic, drastically reduce prices. Nobody cares at this point, everyone moves on to new devices.
6. ???
7. Loss! (and repeat)

  • Anonymous

If I pay $300 for this, they better give me one of those 42" TV

Hell no