Apple's 2019 iPhones to have reverse wireless charging

01 April 2019
A new report claims Apple is getting ready to hop on this gimmicky bandwagon.

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What would happen if you put airpods with the wireless charging case inbetween two iPhones with the wireless charging, Infinite Energy? ( plz don't take this serious )

  • dado77

............, 02 Apr 2019What country are you from??I'm from Slovenia (Europe), .....not Slovakia

  • keepthefaith

Anonymous, 02 Apr 2019Apple and Samsung copying Huawei recently... how times have... moreThey realized to just do whatever Chinese was doing before.
They save money and time for the company to just copy whatever the trend.

Anonymous, 02 Apr 2019he is from planet nemikwell in our country, the philippines. huawei is way cheaper than samsung and iphone. like the the p30 is only about 600euro and the pro is around 850euro if. converted from php.

  • Anonymous

Alright, now this is stupid. What moron would use the already tiny battery on an iPhone to charge something else. What's the point of charging your airpods with your iPhone, when your iPhone already takes 3 hours to charge with the terrible 5W charger they give you

  • Anonymous

............, 02 Apr 2019What country are you from??he is from planet nemik

  • Anonymous

LG Superfan, 02 Apr 2019I wonder how long will it take to charge airpods? Imo power... more3 items to charge. Phone, Watch, Pods. No portable battery have 2 wireless transmitters. Apple have the dream of using only 1 wire.

Watch / Pods's wireless receivers are extremely small. They do not charge easily unless placed exactly properly. And the pods only show amber light when charging.. then turn off without warning.

So i think Apple need to have 2 transmitter build-in. One for Watch.. one for pods. But guesses are, they will only go for 1. Cost and simplicity. While claiming watch have multiple days before needing to recharge.

And if case makers catch on quick enough.. They can design a case, that allows you to slot your watch + pods into the back of the case. So you can charge. So you do not need to flip the phone downwards facing down only.

Not easy to design a case for Android reverse charging thou.. because of the different shape and size of their wireless earphones and smartwatches.

I wonder how long will it take to charge airpods? Imo powerbanks should have this too so you can wired charge your phone and wireless.charge its accessories

  • ............

dado99, 02 Apr 2019Apple is sooooo behind and their prices cmon. in my country... moreWhat country are you from??

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 Apr 2019Apple and Samsung copying Huawei recently... how times have... moreAnd Huawei already copied iPhone X UI, iPhone X Face ID and Galaxy S8 plus/S9 plus edge design lol.

Its not at all gimmicky as far as earpods are concerned.. Its a good move.. For a quick top up of your earphones on the go

  • dado99

Apple is sooooo behind and their prices cmon. in my country (carrier plan) iphone xs max 64gb is 1000€ , Samsung s10+ 128gb 700€ .. Huawei p30 pro even cheaper

  • Anonymous

Apple and Samsung copying Huawei recently... how times have changed

Apple calls itself the innovator, while in reality it is the immitator.

In any case, the wireless reverse charging on iPhones will only be useful for charging accessories, due to the smallish batteries of the iPhones.

BiyoBiyo JunJun, 02 Apr 2019even iphone or any other android phone got 5000mah battery ... moreAgreed~! I would share with my husband if his phone is dead though.

  • Anonymous

April mop?

Hm... XS goes 3300 mAh, XS max going 3700 and XR going 3150... (best scenarios).
Yes PLEASE! (As long I can turn off wireless charging other devices!)

TaK Tran, 02 Apr 2019Apple does this after they can't make a proper multi-device... moreIt's not as bad as you may think. I used to be an Anti headphonejack-lacking-phone protestor. (And I still prefer devices with a headphone jack. Though it's not as firm as before) there are splitters if the charge+listen simultaneously issue bothers you, and that string is not as bad. I saw some short vids on pinterest convering these strings to cutely styled chockers. I realised that it's just not worth my fury over it.

Apple does this after they can't make a proper multi-devices wireless charger. They just want to give user a quicker way to charge their airpods.

Such a damm unnecessary headache, why did they throw the 3.5mm jack away? And now we have to deal with many more complicated thing: airpod wireless charge case, reversed charging, even some string to attache the airpod (lost prevention)....

I dont think it is gimmick at all. i use my S10 to charge my galaxy watch in office whenever i forget to charge it at night + i have used couple of times to charge my wife' iPhone with it too whenever we go long trips.