Deal: Samsung Galaxy S10+ is $180 off for a limited time

01 April 2019
You can save a lot of money if you don't mind buying the international dual-SIM unlocked version.

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  • Subash
  • rJE
  • 17 May 2019

Asowme mobile in present world

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    • Anonymous
    • 3Yb
    • 03 Apr 2019

    nkwama, 02 Apr 2019I can only afford $180 phone. Heheh no worries 4 month later and price will drop to half.

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      • AnonD-731363
      • SH3
      • 03 Apr 2019

      Wait one more month and it wil be 300 off.
      After 3 months it will be 30% discounted price and before Xmas it will cost 40% of its original price.
      Samsung we make for you we sells for you we rob you.

        not limited, this price is here to stay :D
        poor sales I imagine

          I can only afford $180 phone.

            Hope they will open an online store in Europe too

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              • u}w
              • 02 Apr 2019

              a lot of stores in Asia say this phone cannot be sold as fast as it should be.

                What the price should've been imo