Leaked shots of the Sony Ericsson MT27i 'Pepper' emerge

08 January, 2012
The Pepper shares style from Sony Ericsson's Nozomi and picks up where the neo V left off.

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  • RVM

hi, 08 Jan 2012no 1080p video why? sony makes lens so why not use a 1080p lens.... moreWell ST-Ericsson U8500 chipset should include Mali 400 GPU and should easily be able to encode 1080p videos. http://www.stericsson.com/products/u8500-novatho­r.jsp

  • Anonymous

Once up on a time Sony was leading the touchscreen smartphone business - remember P800 and P900.

They had some brilliant people but someone powerful in the company had no vision they first regressed those phones trying to imitate BlackBerry and Nokia. Finally they woke up and playing catch up. It has to be said they are very slow both on hardware spec and software support.

Rumours have it that Steve Job himself was a P800 user and that is how he decided to "invent" touchscreen and smartphones.

  • hi

no 1080p video why? sony makes lens so why not use a 1080p lens...

very good 480x854 pixels resolution for a 3.7inch

very bad gpu Adreno 220 GPU

sony and Ericsson are still like brother companys

  • mohsen

IMO this phone is ugly

  • Anonymous

5MP camera is stupid market segmentation. Many people want the best specs, but not in HUGE devices.

  • zide

Haven't those companies split? Why are still some "Sony Ericsson" phones being announced?

  • Anonymous

SMM, 08 Jan 2012it`s good, but we expect for a super phone from SE.super phone is in line as well, it will be anounced in mwc the real successor of Arc S

  • SMM

it`s good, but we expect for a super phone from SE.

  • AnonD-37316

ST-Ericsson list the GPU as an mali 400 and not an Adreno 220.


  • Alex

It's a great phone. Like every SE

  • SE

Disapointing :(

  • raxhid

l00ks nice