Apple Music price dropped in India following Spotify launch

05 April 2019
Now starts at INR 99 per month.

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 Apr 2019Just a quick bait to lure you in, and then lock you into the App... moreExcept if you already own an iPhone , its better to go with Apple Music

Antitrust. Apple in a nutshell.
Charge Spotify 30% of their earnings and use that to undercut, to a price any competition would lose money matching. Apple will be cut up by antitrust laws.

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Anonymous, 06 Apr 2019Try paying, may be through UPI?no you need credit card - i use apple music - its good so far. have not used spotify though

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SquadBoi, 06 Apr 2019Money wasn't the issue, my card doesn't even work for App Store.... moreTry paying, may be through UPI?

Unfortunately. I've used Youtube so much in the past that it knows my taste in music. Just checked with Youtube music and it's going good for me.

Money wasn't the issue, my card doesn't even work for App Store. How am I supposed to get a subscription

Xperia all the way, 05 Apr 2019Indians are not that st$!¤ or wealthy enough to join appl... moreYou need to understand that each market has its own requirement and need. If Apple has reduced the prices that doesn't mean Indians can't afford. Every country has different requirements. What do you think, that Apple is struggling only in India? No , it's struggling in many other countries. So does that mean that those countries are not wealthy enough. Many services which are successful in India are not that successful in other countries. Think before you speak.

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"Apple Music is now cheaper than Spotify"

Just as it should be, without Apple tax

  • SZTadir

Meanwhile I have to pay 5.99 USD every month to subscribe to Deezer even though I am in a neighboring country.

Hi Writer, Please correct

but a mere INR 299 for a yearly plan.
but a mere INR 999 for a yearly plan.

Music preferences are totally different in this region where Apple offers limited collections in each of the regional languages where most of the subscribers won't consume rest of the regional content and vice is not like US where you see tons of western music to choose from. For regional music lovers Apple Music offer way less and limited music collections. Even this price is good but collections are very limited

Catalog wise, Apple, Gaana, Saavn > Spotify. Sound quality wise too, Apple trumps Spotify..But Spotify's algorithm, playlist curation and finding new songs per your likings is second to none. I happily use both. But, it is good to see Apple coming to its knees, and pricing their products as per the market demands.

Xperia all the way, 05 Apr 2019Indians are not that st$!¤ or wealthy enough to join appl... morehtc and Sony, not just backed off from India, they are on the verge of doing that in rest of the world least htc, Sony may soon follow suit, sometime and Sony doesnt have enough sales in developed countries too. Purely surviving on sales by fanbase. Sony, just now merged their loss making smartphone business into profiable electronic businesses, and about to reduce staff(smartphone business arm) by half.

  • s-pen pusher

Anonymous, 05 Apr 2019Just a quick bait to lure you in, and then lock you into the App... moreyou are not locked into the service as you have the option to cancel your subscription anytime. i took up their free 3 months trial, which did require me to submit a credit card information, but there was proper disclaimer that they will not be charging until after the 3 months trial. i cancelled the subscription exactly on the third month and was never charged. it is the same thing with spotify. i have been a premium spotify subscriber for over 6 years now and i think i will remain loyal to it. the reason i took up the trial subscription to apple music last year is to test the service in comparison to spotify- see, reviewers and audiophiles agree to the fact that spotify's highest audio quality is really better than its equivalent over at apple music and i just had to chek it myself. i don't consider myself an audiophile because i don't have the money to buy expensive hardware, rather i indulge in getting the best aural experience with the equipments/devices i can afford.

  • ExProducer

All those streaming services dropping their prices are good for consumer but an absolute disasters for artists....... i use to do electronic music for living... 15 years ago i was able to decenty live out of it but now we live in times where people want the music for (almost) free..... it takes a lot of time to produce a piece of any music which is good enough to be released.... these days its really hard to make living from just selling music, unless you ate a huge star...... so many artists i know left their music production because of silly cuts they were getting from streaming companies like Spotife etc.... any montly price cut will eventually affect cuts for the actual artists... shame

Gaana is best for bang for buck and quality is on par with apple. regarding sound quality, all of this disappoints with no support for any lossless music

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It's likely to drop the price even lower later to make more users join, then they might raise the price bit by bit.

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Apple Play Fair!

  • Xperia all the way

And then we have TSeries.

  • Xperia all the way

Anonymous, 05 Apr 2019Just a quick bait to lure you in, and then lock you into the App... moreIndians are not that st$!¤ or wealthy enough to join apple eco.

It has begun.... apple's kneeling down to Indian crowd.
hTC and Sony backed off from India.