Four LG smartphones will get Android Pie update by June 2019

06 April 2019
The company has so far rolled out Android Pie for only two smartphones - G7 ThinQ and G7 One.

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  • Biggz

amasog, 06 Apr 2019Hu! LG still making phones? I thought they are now just focus... moreLg g4 os from 2015 came with lollipop it will never get nougat i have one amd g6 to be honest g4 was my fav phone but im going to pixel when 2020 pixel 5 comes out btw pixel 4 will get android 13 full updates until end of 2022

  • Todd

Freedom, 08 Apr 2019LG is the worst company when updates are a concern. Still April... moreI got a stylo 4 when their were talks it w ould have pie in September. After this back to Motorola if pie doesnt come out.

  • Anonymous

This will be my last LG Phone. My two most recent are an LG Stylo 4 unlocked and an LG G8 Thinq unlocked. The LG Stylo 4 has not had a firmware update since Oct 2018. My LG G8 Thinq has a shattered screen and will cost me $200.00 to replace the screen. It had a Silicone case on it and was in a Reiko holster case. It has not received an update since April 2019.

  • johnechey

i don't like this device, the LG Phoenix 3 is better, i had bought it once years, runs well.

  • musicmafame1

LG G6 ThinQ (H870DS)
Has received it's April 19 Security Patch Update [V20p-APR-17-2019]

AI Camera, Q lens, VoLTE support, Battery life, Performance.

  • Anonymous

I guess lg will get out of mobiles' market soon due to its bad reputation in after sale support and updates

  • Balero

I switch from S9+ to G7 ThinQ unlocked. This lack of updating their OS is beyond acceptable. I will never I mean never by another LG phone. I am mad and damn sick and tired of their lack of support. What a piece of crap company.

  • LG Hater

I have yet to learn despite having owned several LG phones the past 10 years that didnt even get even 1 update or have to wait forever to get a update. This is why LG phones cannot command premium pricing. And their value dropped like a bomb after buying it. The most unfortunate part is LG seem to be doing everything to increase sales yet they have no clue why their phone cannot sell!
I can only conclude not so bright people work at LG. Consumers demand good service and if they cannot get, they go elsewhere.
It is time for me to move on despite having a G7. I just got a S10+

  • Adrian

It is 2nd of may and my unlocked g7 thinq still hasn't received pie. Went from samsung to lg, never thought it will be worst with updates

  • Anonymous

LG is worst with software updates, got V30+ and still stuck with 8.0 while other brands already releasing Android Pie even on low end phones.

Grats released in summer of 2017 i mean phone and they get Pie when Nokia will start giving android Q to their devices.
This LG jokes all the way.

  • Freedom

LG is the worst company when updates are a concern.
Still April LG ThinQ has not got Android Pie update except Korea.
I guess people should avoid buying LG Phones in Rest of the world except Korea.

They had even promised Android Pie update by Q1 2019.
Which they failed to meet.
LG is a company which even fail to meet public promises also.

Avoid LG.

Anonymous, 07 Apr 2019Lol, Samsung is not much better. Nokia/OnePlus/Huawei/Sony are f... moreComparing with LG, Samsung is much better IMO. As least my old S8 get Pie update recently. Not as fast as other brands like many other brands though.

  • Anonymous

Melissakis, 07 Apr 2019Comparing a matter of life and death to a piece of hardware is i... moreQuite like dismissing the importance of updates, eh.

Anonymous, 06 Apr 2019Calling updates an addiction's fix is akin to an anti-vax mom's ... moreComparing a matter of life and death to a piece of hardware is irresponsible, to say the least.

  • Anonymous

xeroga, 07 Apr 2019Totally agree. IMO, LG&s software update schedule is very ho... moreLol, Samsung is not much better. Nokia/OnePlus/Huawei/Sony are faster at updating than Samsung

  • Red

LG is the worst company when it comes to updates. By June Android Q will be the latest..

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Apr 2019LG's software update promises are a big fat lie. They update the... moreStrange. My v30 got oreo update already, January security patch and it's an EU non-carrier unit.
If I needed a Pie, I'd just go to XDA and get one, plenty to choose from.

  • Anonymous

Don't Trust LG in terms of software update, it's Always promises for android update but years past the date we pomise is not true :-( better GO Samsung, Xioami, Huawei for better and tue update.

  • Deepak

Okay , the g7 has been updated to android pie? Not in my world.. The experience may be better than samsung but the updates are surely gonna drive me away to samsung. v20 gave me a similar experience . probably the last lg ill own.