Honor 20 Pro with Sony IMX600 sensor in the works

08 April 2019
The new phone will have 3x optical zoom and details should arrive on April 25.

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Well, it seems like the HONOR 20 PRO is going to pack a triple camera setup with the likes of last year's HUAWEI MATE 20 PRO and the recently announced HUAWEI P30 PRO, but that of course doesn't mean that it'll be using the same sensors, as these are just based on numbers. Besides, it is rumored to cost less than USD450, so it shouldn't come to a surprise that they'll be using something inferior as compared to the latter to make up for the price. Would be great if they could work on the design too in my opinion, as I'm pretty sure not many of us liked the HONOR View20's back design when it first got announced

It seems Honor 20 Pro is also deviated from Mate 20 Pro with generally weaker specs and lower price. Yet, I really hope Huawei would keep using traditional capacitive fingerprint sensor instead of the newer but slower UD one.

Onathon, 08 Apr 2019Under the display finger print scanner is the worst feature... moreIt's poorly reachable on the back and often not reachable at all, as located too high.

  • Onathon

regs, 08 Apr 2019IP67/IP68, wireless charging, underdisplay fingerprint scanner?Under the display finger print scanner is the worst feature of all new phones, I'd rather have it at the back where you can always reach it and it will be much more faster and reliable.

IP67/IP68, wireless charging, underdisplay fingerprint scanner?

If its really $450 its crazy for the specs its Mate 20 Pro triple camera with ToF sensor would be steal for the price

Wow those camera specs are crazy for 6.1 inch OLED phone 48/40(pro)+20+8+tof with 32 front camera and its cheaper than one plus 6t, honor 20 defiantly is gonna be crazy phone, not crazy as Oppo Reno camera specs but that phone is way bigger than this compact small phone

Finally a "compact" phone with decent specs. Let's hope it won't be too expensive.

  • Z

Huawei's last years flagships used IMX600.
This years P30-SERIES is using IMX650 .

  • Anonymous

for 350 usd, we cant get these specs!

  • Anonymous

Technically, the mandarin speaks of Honor 20 & Honor 20 Pro. Not the view series.