LTE HTC Titan II with 16 MP camera revealed, heads for AT&T

09 January, 2012
The WP-running HTC Titan II shines with its mind-blowing 16 megapixel camera and LTE connectivity.

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  • Anonymous

can anybody tell me when this is coming out in the uk, i went to get the original htc titan today only to be told its been discontinued, so i only pressume its for the next one, havent had a phone for a month now and it would be nice to have an idea of when i can get this one


Anonymous, 11 Jan 2012..... ITS A PHONE !! NOT A CAMERA!!!! YOU WANT A GOOD CAMERA BUY... moreYou_don't_say.jpg

There's nothing wrong with a super phone sporting a sensor that beats a majority of point and shoots and even mid range professional cameras.

The camera isn't killing the battery, I'm a phandroid, but WP7 devices have great battery life. I don't ask for 3 days, I'm content that most days my Evo lasts from early morning to later at night. By then I'll have had plenty of oppurtunities to charge it. I've taken some amazing shots with this ol hardware, I can't wait to pick up the upcoming Evo LTE or wait on a 16mp Android device.

I own a c

  • al mack

Does it have video share

  • Anonymous

..... ITS A PHONE !! NOT A CAMERA!!!! YOU WANT A GOOD CAMERA BUY AN ACTUAL CAMERA!!! People want everything in 1 device and to have a battery life that 2-3 days with heavy use. ITS STILL IMPOSSIBLE PEOPLE!! at least companies are doing their best to meet the almost impossible demands that people want these days on mobile devices.

  • express

AnonD-96, 10 Jan 2012I see some "smart" comments here that are saying that ... morewhy shud we pay more for damm old technology... why shudnt we go for new tech which is changing everyday .... why shud we stik to apple wen we hv some solid options .... apple is too slow ... just realisin fon year doesnt make any sense ... m using sg2 and also sensation xl .. both r super sharp perfomer against i4s ... ya and htc build quality is far more better thn apple ... also in software htc and sammy beats apple ...

  • AnonD-12395

So, it is not duo core, and resolution is 800. Two things not mention may be important.
Robert L

  • Alchemic

AnonD-96, 10 Jan 2012I see some "smart" comments here that are saying that ... moreWorst comment ever....You apple people don't see beyond the Apple corp itself and that is your problem. The tech for theose phones has been around just not in the states. All apple does is mainstream it cause its name and tries to claim it as theirs.

  • insaneman

i am an n8 user but want to move on from symbian but at the same time want a camera to better or at least match the camera on the n8,i when i 1st come across this phone i thought i had found the next phone for me only to look at the specs to see they have put an led flash on it and not an Xenon flash,a 5 meg camera with a Xenon flash would take better photos in low light conditions than this camera phone,what a big let down.

  • ankit

dear fanboy-android is an open source n iphone is just 1 phone...keep dat in mind! no single android phone has till date matched the sales of an iphone!

  • AnonD-96

I see some "smart" comments here that are saying that amount of pixels doesn't effect the quality of picture, and that is right, there is ISO...etc...and the Good Optics (sensor), this is so damn true, HTC again you did a "Stupid" job!

Those who are blaming iPhone, Stop, STOP cuz' today's Phone Technology is here because of Apple's iPhone!
If iPhone was not released in 2007 today we were still using chunky Nokia's SonyEric's, Siemens, etc.
So stop blaming iOS and iPhone cuz' we all know that iOS is the "Leader" in terms of quality and refinement of it's OS. And this is so damn true again cuz' Quantity never beats Quality. (full stop)

I am user of and HTC Desire HD (for 13 months) and also the Android 2.3.5. Ups I also forgot to mention that I'm a Technophile person.
What this matters is that HTC is FAR FAR behind the competition in terms of Hardware Quality! Why?
Starting from my HTC after 6 months of using it my Volume Rockers are DEAD! They need so HARD PUSH, and when I mean HARD it is really really Hard to make them change the volume for 10% for example, shortly they are useless for more than 7 months now.

When you look ate last 18 month's sine the Original HTC Desire was released HTC never changed their stupid design language, ALL SAME ALL THE TIME! you can llok at the GSM Arena's HTC Directory and see that almost every HTC Phone is Identical in terms of Hardware.

Coming to Android OS. Yes if Android refined it would run smoothly in Single Core processor not in Dual Core. But the problem is that Android is not as refined as iOS. Steve Jobs wasn't wrong when he said that Android must be shut down or they must change their phylosphy on designing an OS.

Android unfortunately can never be as refined as iOS, this is sad because majority of people in the world are using Android and this affects all of them, again QUANTITY vs QUALITY! (you know who wins)!

So we will wait until the so-much-waited iPhone 5 will be released and see that also with ONLY 1 PHONE release per year you can make good moves and jobs during the year, yes I'm talking about HTC's stupid strategy that they are releasing phones almost every week (Samsung is close to this too). Stop releasing phones almost every week HTC cuz you can't beat Quality by making consumers eyes blind when there is a Quality phone.

unfortunately is also that I will never ever again buy a HTC phone and also an Android OS too. Until Android decides to change from what they are now: Sluggish, Buggy, non-refined, non-smooth... Unfortunately.
I don't want to offend the users of Android OS or HTC but this is my experience and this is TRUE.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.

  • kyle griffiths

ive tried and used iso, android and WM7.5
countless apps for the android did not work
itunes for iso is one of the most annoying programs ive had to use
WM7.5 is best by far that ive used.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 09 Jan 2012WP7 doesnt need dual core If android was a properly written os ... moreAbsolutely true...
android is not properly written

  • Anonymous

because these are digital images from a digital camera,
the 16 mp camera isn't the issue.
the issue is how well the phone processes the images taken.

  • fanboy

ASDASDASDA, 09 Jan 201216 megapixel is just a marketing strategy , big this lens , it i... moreiphone is not dominationg sir android has 53% of the market wp will catch on and then iphone will be left in the dust

  • AnonD-10443

marketing policy increasing megapixels!!sure it will not be better than n8!!

  • Darkangels6sic6

ASDASDASDA, 09 Jan 201216 megapixel is just a marketing strategy , big this lens , it i... moreIphone never has and never will dominate. It's just the most popular and overrated. All in all it's good, but the most over hyped ever.

  • Ferris Bueller

only and only comment is 16 mega shits and the worst technical service world wide for that they produce new models as samsung does.

  • tabrez

AnonD-2663, 09 Jan 2012LMFAO... HTC using a crappy lens and sub-standard aperture. I... morehow can u think of N8 killer??there is no such camera product out there...if there has to be N8 killer then it will come from nokia factories not from these crap companies

  • AdamBoy64

I was hoping the sequel would have an improved screen resolution. Or that they would wait until WP7 supports it.

Seems like a quick design for HTC just to get an LTE device out.

  • AdamBoy64

ASDASDASDA, 09 Jan 201216 megapixel is just a marketing strategy , big this lens , it i... more... dominating what?