LTE HTC Titan II with 16 MP camera revealed, heads for AT&T

09 January, 2012
The WP-running HTC Titan II shines with its mind-blowing 16 megapixel camera and LTE connectivity.

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  • Dave

Knowing HTC they will put a poor battery just like all the phones and I wont even get half a day out of it.

  • Big phone

another huge phone...its getting bigger and do I suppose put that in my pocket?

  • camera samples

Take a look at the bottom left corner of sample photos!!!

This HTC is good!! :>

  • AnonD-10287

As HTC fan, I can only be just excited..but i'm wondering..a 16 MP camera is useless without proper lens and sofware..and HTC is well known for its mediocre cameras..let's see if this time thing are different.
Later edit: I forgot to mention that i've looked at the pics..they look great, but that not i intented to say. What i meat is that a good or great camera (phone camera, to be exact) has to do a little bit more than just good still photos..
But i'm waiting for Android HTC...WP7 is just
by the way, have you guys noticed that Microsoft has always limited their OS one way or another so badly that they screwed it big time ..?
for example...till WM6.5 (included) it had just 65k colors..and that ruined a lot of great phones (for example: HTC HD2..had no rival on the market at its time..but the low number of colors keeped it away from what it could really be..) or now WP7 limits the processor...and in the end just make a lot of people turning their backs to it..that's just strange

  • bongbong

Android fans shouldn't even bother on these WP7.

Lots of insecure comments.

  • AnonD-252

With the hacked Nokia Drive... and this 16 MP camera I can not see any reason to buy any WP7 from the expensive Nokia!
16 MP camera is soon coming to many Androids, so there is actually no reason to buy any WP7 at all!

  • Whatchasay

16MP?! Is that right? Wow. HTC is finally getting serious about Windows phone. Too bad Microsoft limits them on the processor and screen resolution.