Honor 20 lite appears in leaked renders complete with specs

09 April 2019
P30 lite with an Honor sticker on the back.

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  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

Anonymous, 10 Apr 2019Why do all Kirin 710 phones have a micro usb port?Bcuz cheap?

Anonymous, 10 Apr 2019Why do all Kirin 710 phones have a micro usb port?Well, while it's not true all Kirin 710-powered devices have microUSB, the majority of them sadly did have microUSB. There are only 3 devices (2 if you count P30 Lite and Nova 4e as one device) powered by Kirin 710 that have USB Type-C instead the older microUSB so far, after one year Kirin 710 was launched :

  • Anonymous

Why do all Kirin 710 phones have a micro usb port?

  • Andy

280 is too expensive when you can get a honor play Europe for 250. The battery is also too small and the micro SD is embarrassing in 2019. Bigger batteries! That's what customers want. More important than 4 or 5 camera's

  • Anonymous

whats the point with 20 different honor phones with almost same specs and colors? i dont understand.....

Again kirin 710. Every smartphone have that processor. Differences between models are very little,not worth to write about it. Ok budget smartphone,but to expensive compared to some Xiaomi models, which offer more for less price. In the other hand they offer more for the less compared to Nokia,Motorola,Sony,Lg. Better choice- redmi note 7, pocophone f1.

Way better than Xperia 10, be it on specs & pricing.

Redmi Note 7 is the real contender.

  • Anonymous

Can't wait for honor 20

  • abde

this looks exactly as the Honor 10i that was announced last month