Meizu 16s press render leaks, showing off notchless display

09 April 2019
The smartphone will come with Snapdragon 855 SoC and a 48MP main camera.

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AnonD-628531, 10 Apr 2019Design would've been perfect if they kept the cameras at th... moreactually not
even though it looks less pretty
But know it has a identity and does not look like a s9 at a fast glans from the back

It will be a beautiful brick with no global support and buggy software as always.
Only chance for Meizu to survive is to open bootloader, release the source code and maybe adopt Android One, else they will follow LEECO and Gionee to bankruptcy.
RIP Meizu -|-

  • Anonymous

But... The forehead is bigger than the chin... I hope it's a render problem...

  • AnonD-628531

Design would've been perfect if they kept the cameras at the back in the middle

  • AnonD-628531

Candra, 10 Apr 2019This phone looks more iPhone than iPhoneGood joke...

Why don't you quit screwing around and show us Android Pie for your flagship phone?

  • AbdoelJr.

There's black version though. Stop talking a useless thing

This phone looks more iPhone than iPhone

  • Anonymous

Absolutely amazing design Meizu!!

It's refreshing to see something different than the usual Chinese Apple knockoffs..

  • Anonymous

looks great

  • Anonymous

That front bezel color is a refreshing view. Uniform coloring.. White thru-out.

I get tired of phones with black front panel, and back colored blue / white / red / black.

  • LTPS

I think it will be expensive for value like series 16 & some other models meizu's phones !!!

  • Anonymous

Looks like the absolute best choice regarding bezels and selfie camera until now. Tiny symmetrical top and bottom bezels. Plus I read it also has a notification LED. Excellent, design, really !

The only thing I worry about is that the Chinese tend to edit the phone pictures and they actually look worse in real life, with larger bezels. It remains to be seen.

  • Anonymous

Considering these phones NEVER get US LTE bands, here's hoping HTC or Essential adopt a design like this. I'm tired of notches and full-screen zero-gripped phones.

  • Bewildered

This is not a complaint re the phone, this is nonsensical discussion / ought to do about nothing created by Apple

First of 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 etc there was not a notch, in fact the word was invented just for this purpose.All there was then were large bezels

Apple imo would charge more for iPhones without a notch

The second point is at most secondary camera is wider than the earpiece worst case 4mm

So Apple extends the display area both sides of this... Ooh Apple invents notch

The way to go is and has always been smaller bezel everything else is an unnecessary war

We have Meizu now going near bezelless

Why am I so het up? Reason the notch is like saying I can use / utilise the space behind a door or in the arch of a door swing

It was never a problem to be addressed

Add that to screen display which is measured diagonally (ignoring all other ratios e.g. 19.5 to 9) Pythagoras 5^2 =4^2+3^2
0.5 inch increase diagonal means 0.4 inch height and 0.3 inch width.

If any one of the manufacturers made a definitive statement instead of reinventing the wheel we wouldn't be in a position where 2019 phones are essentially an exponentially more powerful 2013 phone with smaller bezel

Just like memory cards / flash drives user storage is approx 94% the system body of phone needs other (non display) functional area

Remember when phones were 130g ok kidding that is the trade off

  • Anonymous

wheres the squad complaining about bezels?
this phone looks perfect, the only thing we need is a metal back and a clean os. it has a color led notifications too based on kimovil

  • Anonymous

i want like this design from samsung and night mode camera like huawei with all sensors and radio ...

just having a beer, 09 Apr 2019Let's be honest, there is nothing worse than to have a whil... moreThat's called an opinion. White and pink are the most preferred phone colors for most women.

This phone will probably come in other colors too, so no need to get worked up over a color you don't like.


  • hmm

just having a beer, 09 Apr 2019Let's be honest, there is nothing worse than to have a whil... moreGood thing is that you dont need to buy it in White and can have different colors too.

Good looking phone but sux that it's from Meizu that dont shine very much on updates.

just having a beer, 09 Apr 2019Let's be honest, there is nothing worse than to have a whil... moreyup, popup or under display or notch will be way to go