Samsung Galaxy A80 official with rotating pop-up camera for 48MP selfies

10 April 2019
The pop-up mechanism lifts the rear camera and rotates it to face forward. This leaves the 6.7" AMOLED screen free of notches and holes.

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  • AnonD-732843

Vegetaholic, 24 Apr 2019Lol, do you know that you can connect your phone to PC and ... moreYou may comment freely, yes, I never prevented you or removed any of your rights but now YOU are wrong since you are NOT obliged to comment in regards to the MicroSD card topic as you are not a said user of these types of cards... So to be honest, you're basically incriminating yourself and I don't understand why you're even interested in anything to do with MicroSD cards and most likely any other portable media card as well so you should just drop it as it's not your thing in the first place...

Please also remember that pc's run on basically storage similar to portable cards as RAM memory is basically portable and hard drives / solid state drives are also portable because YOU have to physically PUT IT IN.

Go embrace internal storage on dedicated internal storage pages or anywhere else (even here) in regards to devices that rock internal storage exclusively. I, to the contrary, also embrace internal storage but it has its flaws ( which I'm not going to get into since it's a lengthy subject ) which portable media cards circumvent.

AnonD-732843, 22 Apr 2019You don't know what you're talking about because you're not... moreLol, do you know that you can connect your phone to PC and transfer data easely? Instead of removing every time your sd card and trying to find adapters to fit in any PC? :) Well you right about that is your business how you would use your data and how much interbal storage or sd cards you need, but you wrong for telling me I am not obliged to comment, yes I am, I can freely express my opinion :).In my opinion sd cards conveneince is long gone with phone having massive internal storages. I would never in the lifetime fill 128gb storage, to do that you need to fully go to smartphone as primary computing device, unfortunately phones no where near of replacing proper PC's so I think what phones offer by internal storage levels are more than enough to forget sdcards forever :)

  • AnonD-732843

Vegetaholic, 22 Apr 2019Wondering why people still crying about microSD's. Phones h... moreYou don't know what you're talking about because you're not a MicroSD card user so you shouldn't be even commenting on this topic since it does not concern you but nevertheless there is an army of people like me who cherish these cards. The convenience of swapping a data loaded MicroSD card from 1 device to another is like a flash. Plus, I'm already halfway full on my 256GB card and I don't even shoot 4K.

AnonD-732843, 12 Apr 2019Excellent design, true full screen with no notch and minima... moreWondering why people still crying about microSD's. Phones has 64 or 128gb, do you really think you will ever fill up 64 gigs so quickly? I had phone with 64gb for two yeas barely manahing to fill 40gb, now got 128gb. I will never fill it up until I get new one. So yeah, unless you shoot 4k videos every day is pretty much impossible to fill them :)

It kind of killer of the competition, but there is few buts. Yes it is more of one of the kind, but Oppo Reno 10x offers everything better for SAME price pretty much. It is Samsung big gun, but pricing really pushing it to be left behind by other upcoming flahships or by Oppo Reno.

A phone of good innovations. It combined benefits of features from different phones and come up with a solution to notch and lackluster selfie cameras.
Yet, it is obvious Samsung is not confident enough to use such design in their flagships. A80 is set to be a mid-range phone (though it is placed higher in this caterogy), and many important features such as micro-sd card slot is not included and camera specs are not that spectacular. IMO, it is a good try but a total waste of the innovations.
Also, the price is set to high, it is not easy for A80 to compete with other cheap flagships.

  • Yee

Finally Samsung has created something for me!

  • Anonymous

wow nice toy!

  • Anonymous

For live era? 48mp such a waste to post on social Media. It's just gimmick slogan.

  • AnonD-732843

Excellent design, true full screen with no notch and minimal bezels however the wide-angle camera could have been 16MP with auto-focus and the lack of a microsd slot is a fail so it's a no.

  • smily

It's amazing. I mean itsomething a mixture of old &new model

  • Anonymous

Except for Sony's thick bezels, there are no "ugly" phones. They are look the same, a rectangular block with a screen in front. Why is this an argument lol

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Cheaper doesnot mean worth...remember what nutrition you get with apple, an small indian costs u 5 times the price and it worth depends on ur taste , not stop whining and look for was cheaper when nokia was do now xiomi and oppo looks cheap , so dont comment they do have potential to become no.1 by displacing huawai and sansung..i do fear that samsung will become another nokia unless they bring down prices because in innovation they are far behind xiomi and Huawei and look they are too much behind oppo , only by pricing they can compete that too because of brand value.

Or this Samsung from 2003. So stop with the Oppo callbacks!

And we're back! Samsung already did this:

Anonymous, 11 Apr 2019Copy of Oppo phone from few years ago. As always Sammy is ... morethis betching about "copying who" thing getting lame now ... everybody copying each other , but who made it better ... thats most important ...

  • Yannick

The fruit brand will get the same mechanism in 10 years and will call it revolutionary. Lol

  • Anonymous

Copy of Oppo phone from few years ago.
As always Sammy is copying again.

  • Plus

emonDsupertramp, 10 Apr 2019Will I be a villain, if I call this ugly?Not as ugly as S10+ punch hole screen

So much of unnecessary t r o l l I n g on both sides.

I find the A80 rather promising. It only seems to have 3 issues I think which may be a problem:
1. The body protection may be difficult to make. Though not entirely impossible.
2. The price is in the Snapdragon 855 ballpark, especially the Samsung S10e. Though the new processor may have one of the best power management solution in mid and too end SoCs.
3. I wonder how well the cameras have been tuned. I noticed the main camera (or even the secondary one) doesn't seem to have OIS. I wonder if that's the case and whether it would be in an issue, especially in low light.

The screen size is excellent, as is the design. The colours and brightness are also very good. Video stabilization is like the S10. The real time depth control in video is stellar. Am curious as to how good or bad the speaker without vents sounds. Also would love to see pics from the 48MP snapper. I hope the quality of photo and video is put to the test soon. I am guessing the battery life would be great.

My main concern is whether the price could have been lower. Considering that it's a mid ranger and not exactly the S or Note series.