Early Samsung Galaxy S10 5G units face connectivity issues

11 April 2019
Samsung says that telecoms are to blame.

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  • Realist

JohnSq, 12 Apr 2019See this is why buying a first gen product is not a good id... moreLike a plaque? lol

  • anonimous

Anonymous, 11 Apr 2019Of course we should blame carriers samsung does not make ... moreHow can you blame telecom companies when an overrated, overpriced phone for normies can't even run 5g properly; let alone 4g?

  • anonimous

Anonymous, 12 Apr 2019Samsung maybe better in making phones, but Huawei is the be... moreNo, if you say they are better at making phones, then they wouldn't have had this issue in the first place.

Anonymous, 11 Apr 2019Of course we should blame carriers samsung does not make ... moreHahaha. Even 2G is too much fr the samsung to handle.
They should se Balong 5000 modem made by Huawei they know how to do the job properly.

  • Anonymous

Guess they'll have to call Huawei to get it sorted out

  • Anonymous

It's probably Qualcomm's fault, X50 modem is early born more for marketing, many OEMs have already delayed their 5G products waiting for more mature X55 platform, that's the real 5G platform could compete with Huawei Baron 5k.

  • AnonF-85937

This is an issue that has existed in Samsung phones long before 5G, going back to Galaxy Note 3, people losing signal and having to reboot.

  • kula shaker

I am not defending Samsung here, but it looks like this is the same issue LTE had when it first rolled out- identification protocols (handshake). I was still working as tech support for a US telecom when LTE was first rolled out, and it was indeed a massive headache for all of us at work because handover from LTE to GSM (the telco I worked for was GSM and not CDMA) was not being done automatically. It was not determined what caused it but there were speculations that the reason is mainly because LTE was data only while GSM is both data and voice. It is pretty much the same reason your calls will be disconnected even now when you move out of an LTE only to a GSM only footprint and vice versa. The fix was to provision SIMS for both LTE and GSM at the same time so that the device do not have to sort of "identify" itself to the network when moving out of LTE or GSM footprint. Then again in this case both LTE and 5G are data only (VoLTE is still routed through IP so it is still data) so this negates the argument on LTE-GSM issue that because LTE is data only and GSM is both data and voice, so the problem could be indeed a "handshake" issue. I don't know what I have been writing here, but you get the jizz- it is not a device issue, rather network issue.

  • JohnSq

bj80sbaby, 11 Apr 2019Of course, makes sense since 5G isn't really available anyw... moreYeah, but in this case, even 4G drops completely. Nothing to fall back on in the event 5G doesnt't work....Did samsung not test this before launching. Samsung should take responsibility than blaming lack of network optimizations. They launch the phone with issues and they charge premium prices for it!

  • JohnSq

See this is why buying a first gen product is not a good idea, and it's expensive on top of that. It could not even drop to 4G when 5G is unavailable. How did samsung screw this up? My early 4G phones I bought when it launched could at least drop to 3G when 4G wasn't available, but this one just drops any signal completely. Wow....Avoid this phone like a plaque. I can already see the US launch of this phone being a problematic one.

  • Henry

I still don't see the benefit of 5G in this year. Sure its fast, downloading a singe movie only takes within seconds, as mobile user isn't that too fast? My mobile provider 4G capped around 70mbps+. Thats plenty fast enough for daily connectivity, 2k streaming and download big games on a phone, the only benefit of 5g would be 4k streaming, but 4k phone is not a thing this year and only Sony make 4k phone for years yet they say 4k phone is not necessary. At least wait for 2-3 years for maximum services availability & better infrastructure. For now 4G is still blazing fast.

  • Anonymous

Samsung maybe better in making phones, but Huawei is the best in networking, no contest here. Even Huawei phone got better reception /signal strength in my area than Samsung /sony/ xiaomi.

God forbid it is hardware problem, ie. antena design can't perform normally inside phone case. I heard antenna 5G and 4G is separated, maybe Samsung skimped out (whether for cost or space constrain) and merged them.

  • Anonymous

And now I understand why Carrier keep saying without Huawei they need 2 more years for 5G.

  • mowdo69

this is 1 prov that huawie provide 5G spectrum

  • T M

5G: an answer to a question no one ever asked.

  • Trinifabolous

Anonymous, 11 Apr 2019Of course we should blame carriers samsung does not make ... moreYeah Samsung don’t make mistakes like exploding batteries

Apple will be laughing their .... probably thanking Intel for delaying 5G modem, if this is a major issue

Reason why 5G should not be deciding factor currently
And not connecting to 4G might be a hardware problem of the phone

  • No Shame

Did they test the unit before selling (GETTING MONEY) to the public.
No shame...

  • AnonD-732843

Your brand new overpriced 5G "capable" toy can't even fall back to 4G...and big companies are pointing fingers at each other... Laughs...