Xiaomi Mi 9 SE global edition now available

15 April 2019
The toned down Mi 9 went on sale in the Netherlands.

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  • too small battery?
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  • 15 Apr 2019

Szczebrzeszyn, 15 Apr 2019It would be very interesting device, if it only had a bigge... moreHope to see battery endurance rating test. Will it last as long as redmi 3 (what have 4100mAh battery) or not. If not last same time then pointless phone. Agree, would it have bigger battery then would by it without question.. now, rather not.

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    • 15 Apr 2019

    Pretty high SAR value though...
    Some LG and Samsung phones, heck even Nokia phones have 1/4 the radiation level...

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      • Anonymous
      • 8uS
      • 15 Apr 2019

      >No SD card slot

      no thanks

        only if they added OIS rather than in display finger print

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          • Szczebrzeszyn
          • MP}
          • 15 Apr 2019

          It would be very interesting device, if it only had a bigger battery. SD 712 may be power-efficient SoC, but not enough to balance such poor power source.

            It has been avalibile here in Slovenia for almost a week now for 399EUR.