Samsung Galaxy Note10 Pro name rumored

16 April 2019
Looks like one of the versions will come with the Pro suffix for the first time in the series' history.

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  • AlexS

Why when Honor beats Samsung they only on 4th place hmmmm ?

Ladies and gentlemans brace your selves because Honor note 11 ultra-elite is comming for 500 bucks with much bigger battery than Samsung device with same or better screen more ram equally same good CPU and GPU huawei 55W charging and a lot more features than Samsung Note 10 could ever dream for.
All feshly baked out of the box for you for only 499 bucks initial price.

And like last year Honor note 10 beats samsung note 9 by specs and price huawei will unveil Honor note 11 or simmilar thing for half price with twice as good specs and the samsung bubble will plop as usualy.

  • Alien

I don't care about 5G or camera quality, so I'm not interested in the the Note Pro. Either the regular Note, either Xperia 1 will get my money.

  • indi

5G wont matter as of this day as huawei dominates most of hardware which pauses threat weather or not it is true. 4G is enough for now. IR makes a universal remote, why do they remove them? No to hybrid sim, useless.

  • Moj

thanks but no thanks!
please leave note naming schema as it is and don't ruin it!

One model with flat display, and after long time i will buy for me a Samsung phone , thank you ;)

oh no hole no. 2x hole no.

  • Anonymous

fich1, 16 Apr 2019Manufactures should slow down a bit. There are too many new... moreI made a mistake: just because the model is out = just because new model is out

Oflife, 16 Apr 2019Have had all Notes, bar the 3 I think, and the 9 is THE mos... moreOnly with the edge display. I am a person who places cases. so I disagree on the cases part.

Compact Note!? I'm grabbing!

  • Oflife

Have had all Notes, bar the 3 I think, and the 9 is THE most capable, reliable, versatile phone I have ever owned. It's almost perfect. Sounds silly, but the only two things I would like, and only Motorola have ever maintained one of these: A case that does not require casing! IE, grippy plastic, not glass, like the Note 4 that was fine without a case. I still have what I consider the best tablet (Android or iOS) ever made, the Sony Xperia Tablet Z. It is very thin and has a grippy rubbery like case so needs no protection. And it's water proof. Still using it after 5 years and it's as good today as it was then. That square design would make for a great Note 10.
Second issue is the curved screen. It isn't necessary and causes unwanted activations, wastes space.
Anyone else agree?

Pro nami8lost it's meaning in the Android mobile world with lots of Pro in the mid range. Note series was least cluttered now that's getting diluted just to boost show numbers with lower offerings. But price wise I am not too sure what would be the difference.

  • fich1

Manufactures should slow down a bit. There are too many new models coming out each and every year. Apart from that - all the flagship phones are loosing their value after couple of months (if not weeks) just because the model is out. It is crazy to give around 1000 bucks for device with plastic case and not removable battery! A good strategy of all phone maker companies will be to reissue some of their iconic models from the past. Do you all miss your good looking Nokia N92 / N93 / E61 or one of the Communicators? Coz I really do...

  • Anonymous

Congratulations for Samsung marketing team - the "PRO" suffix will surely mean we'll have to pay extra $$$ for features we would normally get in the regular model.

  • Vaio

Note10 Pro sounds like redmi note 6 pro, this name not nice SAMSUNG should think new name if wanna sell like hot cake

  • AnonD-860219

wHAT, 16 Apr 2019Is it me or it seems like Samsung feels the best way to def... moreMore options for consumers! Yeah, but their A & M series might make one confused!

wHAT, 16 Apr 2019Is it me or it seems like Samsung feels the best way to def... moreRight, because they haven’t been doing the exact same thing

  • wHAT

Is it me or it seems like Samsung feels the best way to defend against the Huawei + Xiaomi + OPPO onslaught is by spam-launching a ton of different models.

  • Anonymous

can we have an s10e-sized version?