vivo Y17 surfaces with 20MP selfie camera and 5,000 mAh battery

16 April 2019
It's reported to launch in India this month.

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  • 17 Apr 2019

Dear people when you going to understand we wants a phones not a tablets to wear in pockets.
Soon we will cary size of a PC monitor in our backpacks.

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    • Anonymous
    • 8uS
    • 16 Apr 2019

    >128 GB storage

    >5,000 mAh battery

    >6.35-inch screen
    (° ͜ʖ͡°)╭∩╮

    Seriously, 6"+ screens need to die.


      Noel, 16 Apr 2019Nice. On the pic it looks like a 17:9AR screen. Not bad at ... moreYeah, the death of 16:9 sucks. At least compromise with 17:9 it's perfect

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        • U}}
        • 16 Apr 2019

        Big battery
        Big memory

        But P35? Hmmm

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          • Noel
          • Tfj
          • 16 Apr 2019

          Nice. On the pic it looks like a 17:9AR screen. Not bad at all, but most of these phones don't have bands that play nice with GSM carriers in the US.
          Why can't we have a serious mid-range or Flagship phone with a big 4000+mAh battery, good camera, top specs and 16:9AR or 17:9AR screen???
          C'mon OEMs not everyone is into these narrow elongated 18:9AR--21:9AR screen devices.
          Personally i love a device like the HP Elite X3...wish they can make something like that for Android with all the top specs and Huge battery. Maybe keep the dimensions 161.8mm by 80mm by 7.8mm..instead of the of 83.5mm width.