16 MP Polaroid Android HD smartphone does optical zoom

11 January, 2012
The rebadged Altek Leo with a slightly improved camera (it's 16MP now) is coming in April (fingers crossed).

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  • DJR

The features of this phone are not very advanced.

  • Random guy

yoon, 24 Jun 2012uhm that's fake, it looks just like my altek, but they swit... moreAltek copied kodak with this design. This was in development ages ago, but altek copied them as they are cheap bastards.

  • RJ

And I am sure this phone will never be available in India... NEVER...

  • anon

if they wanted success with this. it's simple.
Don't make it a phone.

  • yoon

uhm that's fake, it looks just like my altek, but they swithced brands

  • Nev

When are they available in the uk and how do I get one ?

  • apple 'o' holic

well sharp did a optical zoom camera before. guess what a big flop. becuase of the size. but hopefully they will be thinner and less chunky. but the technical specs ive seen so far. looks awesome.

becuase nobody has made the ultimate camera phone. well samsung made the Pixon M8920 but korea only. maybe this will be a japan only. very much doubt a uk release will be available. these kind of phones just dont come to the uk. if it did. i would get one tommorow.

please polaroid have common sense make a uk release.

  • elioforu

i agree with you,poor design but nice phone

  • Anonymous

AnonD-37652, 13 Jan 2012The design is poor, and the look of the material used is ve... moreIts made to look classic dumbass

  • AnonD-37652

The design is poor, and the look of the material used is very cheap. This should only be a good concept

  • AnonD-1479

want a real camera buy a dslr!!

  • Aldo ting tong

It's cameraphone or phone camera?

  • XYZaki

I'll stick to my A806.

  • Anonymous

When did Kodak buy Pararoid? They are seems 2 difference companies :|

  • GrainySnapshot

GSMArena's review of the Altek Leo was not glowing on the camera performance front. The good optics and the 14MP size were let down by poor processing and a smallish sensor. Some of those issues could be addressed by better engineering but the small sensor is going to stay a big obstacle and I would have thought 16MP will just aggravate the problems.

As to the software, there is a thread on xda-developers describing the torture of Altek Leo owners in trying to get a good user experience.

Let us hope the input of Kodak sorts out all of those issues so that there is at least one serious competitor for the Nokia N8 to best camera phone title.

  • Vinsanity

Grate features but the cover it look very cheap, and the design is poor,

Kodak stick to making cameras that is what you do best

  • AJ


  • Darkangels6sic6

Well many set backs aside it looks cool and will probably have a beastly camera for a phone.

  • frank

720p videos only? why the hell kodak is trying to impress with a 16 mega pixels device when it doesn't offer the essential 1080p?

  • AnonD-25554

battery backup will be 5 minutes,anyway waiting for the nokia n8 sucessor with 16mp,dual core and symbian donna.