Huawei Mate 20 X 5G, Oppo Reno 10x zoom 5G pictured

18 April 2019
China Unicom posted that it will launch a total of 15 5G-enabled phones from 12 makers, including those two.

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Vic, 19 Apr 20194200mah is a HUGE drop, yet the phone is exactly the same s... moreBesides, even if u have a 5G smartphone right now, it'll take years before 5G becomes available worldwide. So unless you're living in a country that's about to adapt to 5G, you're basically wasting more money than u should as of now

  • Vic

4200mah is a HUGE drop, yet the phone is exactly the same size as 4G model, I definitely wouldn't pay more for that regardless of 5g.

  • Anonymous

The thickness of my M20X is not bad at all. With that power hungry Balong they could have made it thicker. Maybe just trying to get it out quick with the same frame. Hopefully the M30X 5g will have the 5k battery and 2k display.

  • Anonymous

I prefer big battery+slow charge more than smaller battery+fast charging
Who agrees

Why reduce battery size? They could just put baloong 5000 and be done with it. When is it expected to arrive anyways?

I have the L26 c636 right now and 22,5 W is more then enough for me. I use the phone a lot and still have enough juice for minimum 1½ day with the gorgeous 5000mah battery... So 4200mah NO THX.

But we all have different needs, but still they all should giving all phones bigger batteries instead of making them smaller... dont make sense.

  • Anonymous

mobileman, 18 Apr 2019erhh...WHY? why battery down 4200mah? big mistake. ma... moreAnd 5G will probably drain even more power than 4G, so with the current pathetic batteries, we may remember what the typical SOT was 6-7+ years ago...

So far so good.

  • mobileman


why battery down 4200mah? big mistake.

mate x 5G i want pop-up camera,wireless charg,3.5mm plug back,stereo sound with higher quality and more power.

also home button should be back as 'master button'.

always compromise...