Samsung Galaxy S10 early US sales are higher than the S9's

18 April 2019
S10e helps the new line surpass first week sales of the previous two S generations.

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Sad to hear the performance.
I thought the S10e would be much more successful, by stealing sales away from OnePlus, LG and other cheaper alternatives.

I also think both the S10 and S10+ offer noticeably better battery life and performance over the S9. Sure not much improvement when it comes to audio, screen, camera, form-factor. But I still figured it would be a hit.

Looks like the people really want iPhones at high prices, but don't want to consider "better" Samsung at lower prices. Hence, its a success but not a proper hit! We have definitely hit market saturation/plateau.

Note7 owner, 19 Apr 2019Samsung shouldn’t have released the galaxy fold this soon. ... moreI already saw the Galaxy Fold news. Not many at all. Just a total of 4 are broken and all of it are review units from US only. And the main reason it broke is because the reviewers peeled of the protective polymer on the oled thinking it a screen protector. Lol.

Samsung shouldn’t have released the galaxy fold this soon. Too many people’s fold are breaking after a few days of use. It’ll leave a bad taste for the Galaxy Fold’s future and may even leave a bad impression on the whole galaxy brand.

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This was already published weeks ago?