BlackBerry launches Red Edition KEY2 in the US

19 April 2019
The new color option will be slightly more expensive than the original colors.

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  • Amit Garg

I am a die heart fan of BlackBerry. Now with android os no other phone can match the capabilities and comfort of dialing and access to desired apps with its shortcuts on key pad . I am waiting for BlackBerry to launch its upgraded model of priv. I am sure with upgraded specs and proper marketing it could be a killer and come back phone for BlackBerry. Am

He in a sane mind will buy this crap for this price, physical keyboards are dead many virtual ones are as good as blackbery physical, still charges you as there is no tomorrow

  • BB-fan

Mystic21, 20 Apr 2019BlackBerry still makes these ugly phonesHello.These are not ugly phones.These are beatifull phones,great design,and no other phone looks like them.For your knowing,the Key2 and Key2 LE,has won a design award for 2019.Thank you.

  • BB-fan

tks77, 21 Apr 2019really, who care?Hello.Cares all professionals,law firm,medical field,government agencies and physical keyboard lovers.There is still a lot of interesed for the Blackberry brand.Thank you.

  • BB-fan

Anonymous, 20 Apr 2019Blackberry is for kidsHello sir.BB is not for kids,but for professionals.They has their target group like Law firm,medical field,government agencies,and physical keyboard lovers.If you don't like,go ahead for another mobile phone.But BB is great,it's a tool,and not a toy for kids.Thank you.

  • Z

It's funny how people say 'who cares' or 'blackberry is dead'. Well let me tell care enough to click on the link and then go through the trouble to post a comment!! If you truly don't care just move on and don't pay any attention to this link.

  • BB-fan

Phone Reviewer, 20 Apr 2019Blackberry is dead their phones look so outdated like PHYSICAL K... moreHello .BB is not a dead company.They are still alive and stronger than ever before like a software company.Also they have again their word on the smartphone market with TCL.About the keyboard ,don't worry sir,the key are not for everyone.The Keyboard are 4x4 more acurate then the touchscreen.Also there are some customers like Law firm,medical field,government agencies,who still love the keyboard and more important the security features.Thank you.

  • Pffff

Come on stop it!

really, who care?

Who's still care about this stuff?? Where's The numbers of selling?? Hahahah BlackBerry died the day they abandoned BBOS 10

  • Anonymous

Blackberry is for kids

  • Anonymous

its time to lsunching KEY3 with sd712 or sd710 or even sd675

  • Anonymous

snapdragon thanks

  • Anonymous

Phone Reviewer, 20 Apr 2019Blackberry is dead their phones look so outdated like PHYSICAL K... more2019

Blackberry is dead their phones look so outdated like PHYSICAL KEYBOARDS cmon its 2018 not 2010. Dead companies can't revive themselves

BlackBerry still makes these ugly phones

Dayum. That looks sophisticated