Here’s a list of 49 Huawei devices getting EMUI 9.1

20 April 2019
The list includes which devices are currently in the testing phase and which are planned for the update.

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  • Anonymous

Nova 3i

  • Anonymous

Does anyone here already tried to update their M20P to the newest version? Is it stable?

  • Pink

Voltron, 24 Apr 2019Honor 6X?Honor 6X will not receive updates. Security patches are stopped in December 2018.

  • Voltron

Honor 6X?

  • 124C4+1

EMUI is getting the update but what about the Android OS?.

  • 124C4+1

Anonymous, 22 Apr 2019Honor mate se(usa) = honor 7x(international) It won't get updat... moreIt's on the list though and was released Dec 2017, when this phone needs to be replaced it wont be a Chinese device, need more compatibility and less spy and bloatware. Also have a Xiaomi Note 5 Pro and the size of the ads are obscene, take up 20% of the screen and pop up too often.

  • Babu

Y9 2019??????

weeee, 20 Apr 2019hmm p9 is only updated to oreo in China... not internationally t... moreHow's your p10 plus? I mean, how is it against your brother's note 8? Is it as good if not better, i assume?

  • h

y9 2019??????

  • mgz`

Mate 20 lite did not even get 9.0 yet!
I regret buying from them.
Next device: Android one

  • kamal

honor 5c???????????

  • Anonymous

124C4+1, 21 Apr 2019Is this for real and how reputable is the source?, my Honor Mate... moreHonor mate se(usa) = honor 7x(international)
It won't get update as it too old.

Duck of death, 20 Apr 2019The last couple of dozen is a week's worth of Huawei launches, I... morePretty much. And it's pretty much the same device each time, except one has a microUSB, one has an extra camera, and one has a 48 MP camera. Those are the only differences

  • 124C4+1

Is this for real and how reputable is the source?, my Honor Mate SE is running on Android 7.0 EMUI 5.1!.

  • Anonymous

How bout p smart 2019?

  • Anonymous

Awesome, thanks Huawei. I don't regret doing business with you.

  • LOL

kabiruddin ahmadi, 21 Apr 2019What about Huawei p9? Still lots of people using this device.The phone is three years old. Maybe you should buy a new phone and stop 'pouring new wine into old wineskins'.

  • LOL

Can't wait for EMUI 10, which launches with Android Q.

Huawei Mate 30/Pro?

What about Huawei p9? Still lots of people using this device.

  • Carmanen

No Mate 10 lite? This phone is barely 1,5 years old and it only got updated to Oreo while many other Kirin 659 devices will get updated to Pie... or is this about Android Q already? I'm confused.