More specs for OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro surface - screen, storage and battery details

23 April 2019
Both these smartphones are said to go official on May 14.

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  • Anonymous

I won 4 or 5 oneplus one then stopped and moved to lg for v10 then v20 and stopped.
why I did not go for lg v30 ?
the options of v20 are no longer available one by one from v30...

Although these specs are interesting, OnePlus is a non-starter for me due to the lack of expandable memory. I use my current phone to listen to music all day long and I have many thousands of tracks loaded; mostly purchased on Bandcamp. I like having a few of my favorite TV series available when I'm on the train and there's no cell service too. I quite literally get more than double the battery life by listening to music from my SD card rather than stream it over the internet. The sound quality is substantially better to boot. So, why would I spend a grand or more to give all that up?

Anonymous, 24 Apr 2019Nice shill, OnePlus advertising team. Literally nobody woul... moreBuehehehe I am not an OnePlus employee, I am ex Samsung Fanboy :) (since Galaxy S2 till Galaxy S8+)If you read one of my 10 000 opinions written this year on GSMARENA you would see how did I evolved from Note 9 ----> Huawei Mate 20x ----> Galaxy s10 ---> Huawei P30 to OnePlus 7 Pro 5g. If we talk about price it would be the cheepest 5g flagship phone on the market bro(until Qualcom will not launch its mid-range processors supporting 5G. If you would call me a Samsung supporter I would not deny it since I am a member of Samsung Smartlab Plus since many years.

  • Anonymous

NerdAlert, 23 Apr 2019- Smaller screen - Lower resolution - Lower refresh rate ... moreDid you just list ""smaller screen" as a disadvantage? When you browse user reviews in the online stores in Europe, the phone being "too big" is literally number 1 most common disadvantage that people complain about. Here in Europe, people f***ing hate the whole phablet mess.

Samsung released a compact version of A20 here (A20e) and is asking for more money than what Note 7 costs, despite the fact it has inferior performance/screen/battery/camera/etc. And you know why? Because Samsung knows that people are willing to pay extra just to be able to use the phone with one hand.

  • Anonymous

Dorsefrith, 24 Apr 2019I am going to buy PRO 5G Version. Why? I need phone not for... moreNice shill, OnePlus advertising team. Literally nobody would pay 980$ for this glass sandwich phablet.

I am going to buy PRO 5G Version. Why? I need phone not for 1 year, I nead a phone for 2-3 years. In 2 years 5g phones will be must have. OnePlus supports its phone with the latest software for a long time so it is a wise decision for me. The only thing which I am concern is the phone price. My max is 980 Euro

  • Kai Sosceles

The best part about the hideaway selfie cam is that it's ESPECIALLY great for people who don't use the selfie cam. So much fear and uncertainty about the longevity of the mechanical device--disappears when you know you're never going to use it--and you get that full screen notchless display by having it in that spot. Sure, you're paying for it, and that sucks if you don't use it. But in the selfie-cam reality we live in, it's a great option for people who aren't going to use it.

  • Anonymous

NerdAlert, 23 Apr 2019- Smaller screen - Lower resolution - Lower refresh rate ... moreYou mean superior display and superior software.
And exynos is only a downside in these past two generations. Was overall a plus before hand. And still has a couple upsides. Especially with rooting... but that doesn't matter to a nerd apparently??
And in this generation actually narrows the gap top very indistinguishable with most tasks. Even in battery life.

It's not all as black and white as you try and paint it.

  • Anonymous

Kim, 23 Apr 2019You're prepared to pay 600+ euro for OnePlus 7?? Why? haha.... moreimpossible

S10e is:
- small screen (too small for me)
- tiny battery
- inferior Exynos since Im in Europe (Exynos is worse than Kirin which is worse than SD)
- for UI I prefer OOS

I would even get a kirin-980 Huawei phone with good battery over a S10e

Kim, 23 Apr 2019You're prepared to pay 600+ euro for OnePlus 7?? Why? haha.... more- Smaller screen
- Lower resolution
- Lower refresh rate
- Smaller battery
- Worse update cycle
- Gorilla glass 5
- Dual cameras
- UFS 2.1
- No telephoto
- Worse fast charging
- Worse performance
- Possible Exynos variant
- Interrupted display
- Theoretically worse StB ratio
No thanks, nerd

  • Kim

Anonymous, 23 Apr 2019I hope for ~550 EUR price for OP7 6-128, but am prepared to... moreYou're prepared to pay 600+ euro for OnePlus 7?? Why? haha. I'd rather get the S10e at that price.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]And couples that take self-portraits and people that video call for family and conferences. Look, I don't use the selfie cam but don't be ignorant. Just because YOU don't use it doesn't mean 80% of the WORLD doesn't.

  • BlackJesus

Popup camera = FIAL!

  • Anonymous

X50 modem meh, X55 modem YES! Next year...

Only thing which is important here is price.

  • Anonymous

I hope for ~550 EUR price for OP7 6-128, but am prepared to pay ~600+ EUR for it at launch day

Oxygen OS + SD855 + good battery (not 4000, but almost) is what I want

Anonymous, 23 Apr 2019He's (or she's) not complaining about the panel buddy. They... moreHm, it is possible that they might be able to optimize a variable refresh rate. The problem with the Razer and ROG was that they were at the higher refresh rate all the time. If OnePlus uses the 90 hz and 60 hz interchangeably, battery could be fine

Anonymous, 23 Apr 2019what is the difference between 1+6T and 1+7 exactly?Looks like the processor (SD855) and that's about it. Most likely also the main 48MP camera combined with a tele one intead of the useless second one present since 5T until 6T...

blabla, 23 Apr 2019I was actually excited about the vanilla 7. But it seems li... moreRocking a Xioami Mi9 for a month now and no regrets, coming from OP5T. OK, OOS and a bigger battery were better on OP6T but I got 3 cameras with tele and wide, wireless charging, SD855 and 128ROM for 500 EURO. That is a sweet deal (far better that the 6T).
OK, OP7pro looks better on paper but will cost between 600 and 700 EURO for sure, so I have no regrets for not waiting for it.
Unfortunately OP "settled" since they had massive sale bumps in the last 2 years (especially getting in the US market) so is far from offering a bang for your buck any more.
Maybe next year OP, maybe not...

  • Anonymous

gohelvishalp, 23 Apr 2019First u people complains about not having qhd screen in one... moreHe's (or she's) not complaining about the panel buddy. They have a point. QHD with 90hz refresh rate is gorgeous but as history with Razer and the Asus ROG phones tells us, 4,000 mAH battery isn't enough to power it for more than even 6 hours. They needed something bigger.