Nokia Lumia 900 expected to launch on March 18-19

14 January, 2012
The phone will be sold exclusively through AT&T and claimed to release on March 18 or 19 by some.

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  • tan

[deleted post]whats iphone?

  • Don

Perfect phone in every sense, the only thing bad about this is the WP7;)

  • DirectPuppet

we should take this news with a far large grains of salt because headline says march 19th and details reveal march 18th.

  • AnonD-37627

AnonD-12210, 14 Jan 2012we know that fanboys like u , engadjet etc are there online to m... moreWhat are you? A kid?
In what standards does N8 have a chance against SGSII in long run?
OK Wave is older and has better CPU/GPU and Camera Quality and do not tell me MP because if you call yourself a pro phone expert then you should know better MP doesn't have to do anything with Pictures quality only size of pictures
Put this in youtube search field and it's from GSMARENA archives "Nokia N8 vs Samsung S8500 Wave video comparison"

  • Jazz ... Kansas city

SFAN, 15 Jan 2012Most users like my self found Symbian V5 and Symbian ^3 to be a ... moreYou have to pardon me .... But I did not ask for your opinion or advice ... As I said its for nokia not for you ..... Thanks

  • Pradeep

Always releasing in North America first, when India has been mail country for Nokia. this is something, which Nokia has to think. Still Nokia has not learnt its lesson about launching

  • AnonD-12210

SFAN, 15 Jan 2012Most users like my self found Symbian V5 and Symbian ^3 to be a ... moreeven belle should hv been released a yr b4

  • orang indonesia

Dan, 14 Jan 2012Awww, to be released in North America only? Make it global, plee... morei agree

  • patrick_i

2 Months untll release? By the time it does come out it will already be outdate a la HP Palm Pre 2 and 3.

Good Luck.

  • AnonD-12210

Anonymous, 15 Jan 2012go buy a camera, gs2 is a way better 'phone'then go buy a laptop better than sgs2 , take ipod with u ,to listen to music . The point of the debate was the camera ,in which n8 clearly is better than evn some entry level digicam.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-37627, 14 Jan 2012Your name gives the idea of your personality because SGSII won b... moreThe Galaxy S2 has a great camera, no argument there, but when going head to head with the more than a year old Nokia N8, it still doesn't beat it. It is better than the N8 in some aspects but worse in others while being equal in a few as well. The N8 is still a fantastic camera with a rich pixel density you won't get on the Galaxy S2. I happen to own an N8 and find the phone to be fine but the camera is by far the best part of it. When it comes to video, the N8 while only shooting in 720p, still pulls off great clear video quality with fantastic and clear audio quality. There is also lossless 720 zoom... something I don't think the GS2 has.

  • Levy

Basically a brilliant phone. Either Lumia would be far superior to the iPhone toy. Forget the Lumia; my N95 is superior to that girly (rotten) apple device.

  • Anonymous

The beginning of a turnaround for Nokia. Unbeatable call quality, unlike Iphones.

  • Anonymous

I can already see people falling in love with the design :) I'd pick the 800 though. It's just so sexy when combined with WP7. Now currently expecting for the N8 successor.

  • Anonymous

nice phone.
too bad Nokia gives this phone some iphone-ish specs like built-in batery, non-expandable storage, micro SIM card only, and no 3G video call support.
even my old nokia can do video call,
so why this so-called "flagship phone" can't?

  • Lenz

Please release it also in Germany, Austria & Switzerland


  • Anonymous

AnonD-12210, 14 Jan 2012like having a 16 megapixel camera is a bonus and not necessity s... morego buy a camera, gs2 is a way better 'phone'

  • SFAN

Jazz .. Kansas city , 15 Jan 2012To nokia .... You guys made a mistake by going with Microsoft ..... moreMost users like my self found Symbian V5 and Symbian ^3 to be a fail. User experience was horrible especially web browsing. Hard-ware speed wasn't up to par. The Nokia board didn't listen to their customers. They should have pushed out "MeeGO" 2 years ago when Android Eclair was pushed out. Windows phone OS is offering better user experience and smoothness into the market. Wake up dude.

  • Anonymous

I do have the lumia 800 and it may be many things but slow doesn't come in my mind ...
720p/1080p video & xxxx Mpixel cameras are cheap marketing, get over it. QUALITY is what we should look at. And you can make what you want of the n8 as a gadget phone but the camera is still kicking @ss compared to the 12 Mp Arc, for instance ... so ...

  • Jazz .. Kansas city

To nokia .... You guys made a mistake by going with Microsoft ... The conclusion a boring device with a very very boring software ... I just saw your 710 lumia at a tmobile store and was not very impressed , still boring ! I use to be a nokia loyalist ... You guys should have fixed symbian os or went with android .