nubia Red Magic 3 will have a 90Hz screen, built-in fan to cool the S855 chipset

23 April 2019
90Hz screens are about to become popular, judging by rumors. The Red Magic 3 will be unveiled next week.

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Welcome to the gimmick world, having 90hz screen is as useless as having 4k one on your mobile device :)

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Zendroid, 23 Apr 2019Is the Chinese a code for 144Hz? No. It's an adaptive display rate setting. 60hz when not gaming and 90 hz when gaming.

  • Looking for a new sm

Will it be available in the US?

I really hope that's a case. And that red is ugly.

  • s-pen pusher

IpsDisplay, 23 Apr 2019Right and just imagine the horror of when the fan breaks it ... moremore like a smartphone without a fan.

  • Do it right, not!

It's actually doable putting small fan on phone, only if it's user replaceable, for example, make it like project ARA but fan only, with strong magnet and contact connector instead cable / propierty port.

I have seen 3x3 cm fan with 3mm thickness on laptop. Put small metal plate below fan block, connect it with SoC via heat pipe. Now we got better cooling (even without fan) because we got heatsink contact with fresh air. Put small fan on top of it to suck air from side then blow it to behind and vice versa. This way we can

1. Keep IP rating because modular design, electric fan is resistant to fresh water by default anyway. Fan won't need to rotare inside water anyway.

2. Easy replace for fan, buy > pull broken fan > put new one. As fun as Lego block, no need for glue /screwdriver. We can also expect cheaper 3rd party one if it becomes popular.

3. can also provide empty block instead fan block if we decide to jump into sea or something. Even without fan, metal plate with direct contact with open air will provide better sustainable cooling than closed room vapor chamber anyway.

3. Metal plate mitigate reduced frame strength. You can also put metal plate with tiny fins, effectively double contact area and heat dissipation. Because we will put fan blocks on top of it anyway, aesthetic wise there are no problems.

4. We can put RGB fan as well, the one with multiple led. I've seen usb fan showing clock, name, logo aka programmable one. Some hate it tho

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keepthefaith, 23 Apr 2019And what happen when fan overheat? Do you think there's another... moredayum we need active cooling system for the fan
and also another active cooling system for the active cooling system for the fan
and another and another and another

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You know that sound when the fan's old, like a squeaky buzz?!
Rejoice, as you'll now have the same experience in your phone!

fan inside the phone? ahahaha. maybe put geforce 2080 inside too

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Smartphone with a fan? definitely bot buying this 😂

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This phone is sounding good but I'm really hoping it gets a headphone jack, stereo speakers, and expandable memory (don't even care if it's the Huawei variant). Otherwise, it would be yet another pass.

You know what's the best part about this phone? It's the fact that it'll cost significantly less than the OP7 Pro, making it a much better deal for anyone looking for a "gaming phone".

  • keepthefaith

IpsDisplay, 23 Apr 2019Right and just imagine the horror of when the fan breaks it ... moreAnd what happen when fan overheat?
Do you think there's another fan for that?

"higher than most gaming PCs"

PCs, yes.
Gaming PCs? Maybe not anymore. Most gaming oriented PC monitors aren't 60hz anymore, even you could pay less than $300 for a 1080p 144hz monitor. Also high rate gaming notebook screens are also becoming common now.

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wonder what the db noise of the fan will be when its working flat out.
From PC experience the smaller fans make more noise that the bigger...

Is the Chinese a code for 144Hz?

sm4rt4ss, 23 Apr 2019Great, more moving parts. Right and just imagine the horror of when the fan breaks

it will work like a
Like a..
Like a...

.... Fan-less smartphone....

Anonymous, 23 Apr 2019Really, a fan? Something extra that can fail? A little extra noi... moreSo basically you've discovered that this phone is not apart of your demographic

It's a win for progress in general still

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moving parts in a highly mobile device, what could possibly go wrong lol

Well sounds curious lets wait and see how the phone will preform.
I hope it will come to slovakia so i can have my hands on it..