Meizu 16s unveiled with Snapdragon 855 and 48MP dual camera setup

23 April 2019
A refreshing take on smartphone design, complete with the latest specs and nifty software optimizations.

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  • Anonymous

Beautiful... now if only Meizu would be properly GPL compliant, unlock their BL and be more 3rd dev friendly that'd be great.

  • Anonymous

Kangal, 24 Apr 2019This isn't a flagship phone, but it comes close. It's competing ... moreNice wishes though.

Gusta, 24 Apr 2019To minimalize board size that will make battery larger to put in... moreIt's still God damn stupid. Just thicken the already thin phone to like 8.3 mm and fit in the battery and the jack

Teddy Sadcat, 24 Apr 2019Good to know yet another SD855 phone I'm seriously considering o... moreWater isn't wer

Smartphon, 24 Apr 2019Nope. Its meizu causing the delay. I have oneplus 6 and getting ... moreover 80% of android models don't get regular or update in time. Google should take the liability that every model gets update like android one

Ayva, 23 Apr 2019I was talking about the asymmetry.Oh, so you wanted them to make the chin bigger so it matches the forehead?

sohail shafayat, 23 Apr 2019Cause this is android, the most complicated OS in the world. I'l... moreNope. Its meizu causing the delay. I have oneplus 6 and getting steady updates.

Good to know yet another SD855 phone I'm seriously considering of buying has no headphone jack.
In other news, water is wet and life sucks.

  • Kuba

finally phone with decent size, weight, spec and price. I will never buy phone larger than 155mm and heavier than 170g.

  • Gusta

Essanpe, 23 Apr 2019Lenovo Z6 pro is a better deal than this !!In paper, yes. But in symetrical front design, people will choose this instead of fullscreen on top (with camera cut out) but having chin.

  • Gusta

Walter C. Dornez, 23 Apr 2019While I don't have a jack, I have to agree that the jack should stayTo minimalize board size that will make battery larger to put inside. That's why it has 3600 mAh (vs 3010 mAh on 16th). Of course 16s is 0.3mm thicker than its predecessor.

  • Anonymous

Meizu flagships was known for their symmetries. But there aren't symmetrical anymore. Even the rear camera of this phone is now off-center.
RIP Meizu

This isn't a flagship phone, but it comes close. It's competing with the upper-midrange segment like the Huawei P30, Honor View 20, OnePlus 7/Pro, Lenovo Z6 Pro, Xiaomi Mi Mix 3, Xiaomi Mi 9/9E, Xiaomi BlackShark 2, Xiaomi PocoPhone 2, LG G7-One, etc etc.

I would've gladly accepted a "Pro" version that comes with a higher price, and one that I can call a true flagship/competitor but with these changes:
- Worldwide 3G/4G Bands (see iPhone Xr bands)
- IP68 Waterproofing
- USB 3.1 (Type C)
- Headphone Jack least for another US $50-$100

...and also great to have:
- microSD slot
- FM Radio
- Infrared transmitter
- Noise cancelling microphones
- dedicated QuadDAC
- Shock Resistance (MIL-STD-810G)
- a really large battery for this size (4000mAh)
- OIS on front camera
- AndroidOne support
- Lastly front firing stereo loudspeakers (see: Motorola Nexus 6, HTC M8, Google Pixel 3XL, SONY Z5c, SONY XZ1c, ZTE Axon7, ASUS RoG Phone) which point I would've paid double the price, I kid you not !!

GSMArena, why don't you review Meizu phones anymore? No 16th or 16X review, no X8 review, no Note 9 review... At least do it for 16S, phone is really nice

This looks really nice - this and the Oppo Reno are probably the only designs ao far this year that really grabbed my attention. Shame about the headphone jack, but I still like this a lot at that price.

This phone will launch in India.

It's funny that Meizu 16s has OIS with Sony IMX586 camera module, unlike Xiaomi Mi 9 and Honor View 20; and also its top and bottom bezels in sum are _equal_ to those in Xiaomi Mi 9 =)

And side bezels in sum are less than 5 mm (although "less than 7 mm" is already enough - and all proper modern smartphones have that) - without stupidity of curved edges (Samsung Galaxy S/Note 8/9/10 series).

Anonymous, 23 Apr 2019No wireless charging, no tele lens, no support for global custom... moreIt has telephoto camera.

AsurasWrath, 23 Apr 2019Where'd you get this information from mate Need to know if t... moreIn response to my own comment .

The 16th was compatible with Band 3/7/20

So i shouldn't see why 16s wouldn't be

  • Anonymous

Wanted to buy one. But, no jack no buy. BTW I still dont get why are phones larger and larger... This one has OK size. Then S10e has very good size and then there is nothing...