LG V35 ThinQ receives Android Pie update in South Korea

23 April 2019
A global rollout of the update for the V35 should kick off soon.

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  • John

Got V30+ and still stucked with 8.0, this is my last LG phone due to no updates at all. LG not supporting the older flagship phones to update to Android Pie.

  • Anonymous

My phone gets fast android updates and in most cases they contain a bunch of gimmicks that I will never use.

  • ZloiYuri

How many times lg rolled out updates only for Korea and ignored all other world? Don't wait something changed, it's LG, worst mobile phones oem.

  • Daam

Nice and the updates for Android Q in 2021. I'll trust my shoe before believe in fairies.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 24 Apr 2019It's sometime better to get a stable update than be a guine... moreToo true. Pixel owners always brag about the speedy updates... then complain when they're bugtesting for google

Trust in LG, the entire roll out to complete lineup will be finished by Q3 2020.

  • Anonymous

It's sometime better to get a stable update than be a guinea pig for Google.

  • Redsand75

GoToSchool, 24 Apr 2019One of the worst companies when it comes to updates. Imagin... moreDisagree, I gotta LG V40 and am on the March 1st security patch, and have been current since I bought it. Plus I work in retail and I have yet to bump into someone with the same phone, which I love, as not everyone likes following the masses like grazing sheep. Theirs not a feature on a 2018 flagship it doesn't have, and audio blows everything else away, plus I give no f**ks what people think, specially a bunch of tech nerds, go get some ass, you'll dig it, rubbernecks

  • Anonymous

Yeah, right - in South Korea only. Majority of the LG V35 ThinQ dual SIM international variants will be stuck with Oreo FOREVER, the software they launched with.

That's just LG showing its consistent track record - late updates for Korean variants and zero updates for majority of the international variants. Just horrendous and atrocious by any standard and nobody does it worse than LG. (slow clap/applause)

The good thing about no updates though is that you get a phone that works as fast and as well as the day it was purchased albeit, much less secure due to outdated security patches.

Besides, I'm actually now seeing manufacturers pushing updates which surreptitiously disable fast charging. Just great!

When will worldwide regulation against planned obsolescence ever take off?

First, there's slowing the phone down strategy to make it sluggish and stuttery (like what the iphone did)... Then, some manufacturers shifted to the fast battery drain strategy after update to force you to buy a new phone, then just lately, I've been seeing a new planned obsolescence strategy - TIMED REMOVAL of the fast charging feature so you'd never think the update caused it (it doesn't happen immediately after the update but for sure, it will happen sooner than you think, and the only way to reverse it is to rollback the software to the previous version).

There, I guess we should look at the bright side of zero software updates then?

So LG owners, don't complain for zero updates. At least we won't get those planned obsolescence features built into the update. And yes, 3 of our household android phones mysteriously lost fast charging one after another, a few months after the latest software update was installed. So now, they're slow/regular charging. It's the latest planned obsolescence feature built in by phone manufacturers to get you to buy a new phone. Bigger 4000mAh battery capacities have made phones last longer and so a new planned obsolescence strategy has to be employed (timed killing of fast charging - not immediately after the update so as not to be obvious).

Wow. It actually got the update

  • Maneel

Let me know when i can get pie update for Lg v30 plus in India

One of the worst companies when it comes to updates. Imagine releasing an update now with Q so close