Oppo Reno and Reno 10x zoom go global, Reno 5G joins them

24 April 2019
The two phones were unveiled in China two weeks ago, this is their global debut. 

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  • Sw

Does anyone know where I can buy this online in Europe? The Reno 10x that is. I can only find the regular reno sadly.

  • Jolt

Does this mean the Chinese 10x will be more expensive too ; since I know the Chinese model will work with my carrier already?

skimminstones, 24 Apr 2019what are Oppo like for releasing software updates?Oppo has carrier support on some networks in Australia. Optus (mentioned in the article) has released the R15 Pro, R11, R9s, F1, AX7 among others. They are all stuck on the software they launched with (R11 is on 7.1.1, R9s is on 6.01). Optus are generally pretty good as releasing updates that the manufacturers push out, so I think Oppo phones bought outright (not from a carrier) would also be without updates. Since the R series was near the top of the range released in Australia, I'd be very cautious in buying an Oppo if software updates were a priority.

Huawei on the other hand are much better in Australia, at least for flagships. My Mate 9 (released in December 2016) and purchased through Optus is about to get 9.0.

  • Sam

€800 for the 10X and €500 for the crap one? Hahahaha S10 and S10e come with papi!!!!

If you don't have enough, the Lenovo Z6 Pro, some from Xiaomi/Redmi/Poco, and we will see what price Asus Zenfone 6z has, are the new real killers. The Z6 Pro for 381 euros is a beast and a bargain with global bands and all the features you can imagine.

that green logo reminds me of good old days of Sony Ericsson

what are Oppo like for releasing software updates?

  • LLL

Hildr, 24 Apr 2019Lower chin and shark fin (even if retracted).That's great, thank you.

  • Anonymous

No notch and no camera bump, I like it, shame the 6.4 does not come with 855, but still I don't see any company putting out better design.

  • Anonymous

that price is a joke. no wonder this market is slowly dying.

So if I were to import the 5G version to the US, would I be able to get 5G connectivity through Verizon?

How are the cameras rated rated on the Oppo?

LLL, 24 Apr 2019Stereo speakers? Where???Lower chin and shark fin (even if retracted).

  • LLL

Stereo speakers? Where???

Not gonna lie, while the design is kinda subdued, it looks sophisticated, not like the P30 Pro with just splashes of color in the back

Beautiful smartphone.