Xiaomi patents smartphone design with reverse-notch and itís exactly what it sounds like

25 April 2019
This just takes the notch to a completely different level.

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  • Anonymous

Lol. Does xiaomi dare to patent? You copy everything inside out. You now patdnt for what? Stand yourself as branded. Make your complete authentic creative and stand first.

  • Dunde

Put NFC there, so we can ap to pay easily

  • Rich watarious

This looks nice but any way I think the Huawei Mate 30 and Mate 30 pro way of making the selfie will suit me best. The little view finder at the back of the phone will provide the best selfie camera ever. Because it will use the already great back cameras. I love that idea. I always use case on my phone so that will not bring any problem to me.

  • Rich watarious

Yes I see this design making the phone to have one of the highest screen to body ratio may be 90% or even more. Indeed I think what will make the real difference will be the specs and the price if the two are equally good then fans will buy in numbers. If that kind of notch will be something small then that will be nice. Let's wait and see.

Add a hole for a wrist strap or to able to hinge it on the edge of jeans or on a belt and it actualy could work :-)

Anonymous, 26 Apr 2019The ugliest design I've ever seen, What If I drop it up side downTehn you can pattent another great deal an Inner notch :-)

Anonymous, 25 Apr 2019many phone companies patented a lot of weird designs just to hav... moreHow you can be so sure mate???
Its xiaomi world top 4th manufacturer.
For them this can be possible and actually sells.
Like Samsung A80 with that huge slider mechanism and a rotating camera.

Code016, 25 Apr 2019Xiaomi: registered a design patent Also Xiaomi: copies anything elseLike apple Samsung Huawei and many else did.
Phone brands copying since Sony in 1982 copied design of Motorola world first phone maker company.

Super Dave 01, 25 Apr 2019: Hey Xiaomi why don't you extend the reverse-notch right across... moreYeeeeah xiaomi the king of bezels.

Looks currious.
I was looking for some hinge where i can put my phone. now i can carry it outside of my pockets.

I'm not sure I would have a problem with it.
But the issue is that while the notch, can create the illusion of a phone without bezels, this solution would not, meaning that it wont attract those design interested customers that accepted the Notch. But the rest would probably just as well see a enlarged bezel to house the selfie camera, and perhaps the camera on the back, to give it more depth through the phone, rather han having to sit behind the display, and thus enabling the use of better optics compare to a device at the same thickness but with the camera behind the display.
Thus it becomes a pretty useless solution, unless there is some function in there that is still not known, that would benefit from such a placement.

  • Anonymous

The ugliest design I've ever seen, What If I drop it up side down

  • Erwin Ang

can be used as weapon in cat fight

That notch face. Even that notch looks worried :P

  • Anonymous

This will a least prevent other manufacturers to build such a disgraceful design.

  • Anonymous

put it on the corner with a slot for a wrist strap

the headline is intentionally misleading to make people click the news. 'Reverse' is not correct word for this, it is 'Protruding'

  • Commoner

Jerry101923, 25 Apr 2019No matter who the manufacturer is/are, this is just rubbish, not... moreThisis what they said when iphone X designs leaked out..

It's so stupid it could be a winning idea.
First time I saw an Iphone X, I thought the same about the notch itself (ok, that was Apple...)

  • Jerry101923

No matter who the manufacturer is/are, this is just rubbish, not design.