Samsung Galaxy View 2 price and sale date revealed

25 April 2019
It comes with a 17.3-inch display and a 12,000 mAh battery.

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  • boxcarbertha

Does anyone know if this is coming to Europe orIUK? I've had several Samsungs over time & like news of this one, thank you

Trying to maximize profits here I'm afraid.
Comment typed on the original Galaxy View purchased at a price of 499$

Mine 10 years old laptop is much fasteer than this and it runs windows 10.
4GB ram 2x 1TB disk space 2GB graphic card and I5 CPU.

It's mine

$740 for a exynos 7884, 3gb ram, 64 gb storage and android oreo ? no sir, this is absurd. if it comes with sd845, at least 4 gb ram, 128gb storage and samsung pen, it may get my 900 bucks.

I would have purchased this tablet if it was high end and supported S pen, but those sorry specs make it dead to me.

  • Concept Creator

I like the idea behind this tablet.
But the specs on it and then the price that comes with it... that is a BIGGGG nope!
Even more so the ram itself!!! Like how on earth do they think people use this? This is will be used for multitasking... so why so little ram?

  • Anonymous

They could have used the new exynos chip or at least a decent one and would have sufficient cooling but they always use old outdated low midrange processers

Anonymous, 25 Apr 2019My laptop is 17.3inches. How the heck will that tablet supp... moreIts not meant to be used one handed, it comes with kickstand which will support the tablet while you use it tbh aside from amazing movie watching experience I dont see the use of it

  • cog

Even the Snapdragon 636 can easily beat that tard Exynos seems Shamesung likes to make new weak tablets in now days but we don't

  • Anonymous

Oreo out of the box??! You gotta be kidding me :(((

  • Anonymous

My laptop is 17.3inches. How the heck will that tablet support itself while being held with one hand? Some 10.1 devices crack from being held with one hand.