OnePlus 5T gets April security patch with OxygenOS 9.0.5 update

27 April 2019
It also fixes issues related to Parallel Apps and Gaming Mode.

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  • Anonymous

piku, 29 Apr 2019Oneplus 6 no more getting useful updates l think I have don... moreBuild quality is average? for not having the latest updates?
Look at samsung handles their updates.
Bashing on oneplus which is actually one of the best brands out there.

  • Mridul

I got the update on my Oneplus 5 for. Oxygen os 9.0.5 for 280mb

  • piku

Oneplus 6 no more getting useful updates l think I have done a grave mistake trusting a Chinese brand these brand over hype a product too much and fails to deliver in several key area like Camera,build Quality could be better,Sound quality is very average.
Once a new device is released you will be ignored no one will from one plus will not care.

  • Gladimar

i did not receive the Update so sad ='(
even the Beta Version also ..

and their flagship devices have March 1 Security patch... lol.

  • Anonymous

Hmm... My 6T is behind 5T in security patches, what the heck? One month behind, actually.