OxygenOS Open Beta updates arrive for OnePlus 5/5T/6/6T with Quick Reply improvements and more

01 May 2019
The OnePlus 6 and 6T get an India-only intelligent file cleanup feature.

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  • Trippy Ankit

Arguably i can say that oneplus is the best Android Device Manufacturer in market, been using oneplus 6 for a year now, i have atleast got 5 to 6 updates. Which is pretty amazing, & every update has improved phone performance. The last time i experienced this, when i was using Iphone 5s. I think i made a great choice by going with one plus last year moving from Iphone 5s. I don't see any other phone manufacturer provides such support to their older devices, specially samsung they just want people to purchase new device after year or 2. I want be going with OP7 cause i am highly satisfied with my OP6 its still a date phone and performance is exceptional, i played PUBG like 6 to 7 hours with short breaks, there was no issues at all. Now that what i call quality & Android phone.

The update interface has changed and it looks better...it has a fresh new look.

  • Anonymous

The updates are like political parties in democracy - just like politicians get most work done before elections, the largest updates for phones come when it's before the sale of a new model to show "how much they care about their users".